LeapPad 2 vs iPad, Which one is best?

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Are you thinking about purchasing a tablet for your child to use? The most popular tablet computer is of course the iPad, and the number one gaming tablet geared specifically to kids is the newly updated LeapFrog console, the LeapPad 2. Let us break down the differences between LeapPad 2 vs iPad and help you determine which is the right option for you and your family.

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Halloween Apps for Kids

Halloween apps for kids

The temporary Halloween stores have already started popping up. The leaves are starting to turn. Corn stalks are showing up outside your neighbor’s house. It’s that time of year again. Here’s a quick list of some fun and safe Halloween-themed apps for your kiddos to enjoy.



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5 Great Childrens’ iPad Cases


If your child has an iPad, you either have a case or are looking for one. Cases not only protect the device itself, but in some cases make it easier to use and hold. We’ve tried several for our kids, but here are some ones that we think are the best.


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Kid CBT*ABC Way – App Review

PRICE: $6.99

Not all apps are fun and games, or even educational. Some apps are developed to help people.

Kid CBT*ABC is that type of app. Designed to help children and their counselor work together to change the child’s outlook to a more positive, effective one. (more…)

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Mr. Blimp iPad App Review

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Our Rating:

Educational apps for kids are great. And they’re even better if they are educational apps disguised as fun apps. This way, not only will parents feel better about handing over their iPhone or iPad, but children will  learn when they think they’re just playing.

is one of those apps. It’s a colorful, fun app for your 2-5 year old that will also teach them letters, numbers, and spelling. (more…)

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7 Back to School iPad Apps That We Recommend

Parents everywhere are getting excited and going around singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. That’s right, it’s back to school time.

But back to school means more than buying school supplies and making sure junior makes the bus, it also means homework, studying and tests. And there are plenty of iPad apps to help you and your little ones brush up on all things education.


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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox iPad App Review

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox Icon


PRICE: $0.99

When your two-year old grabs your iPhone or iPad, you hope that they’ll fall in love with games that will educate them, as well as entertain them. You also hope that they don’t drop your precious gadget.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is sure to keep your child’s attention, while teaching them things like colors and numbers. What more can you ask for for $0.99?


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MoMA Art Lab iPad App Review

Five Star Review


PRICE: $4.99

MoMA Art Lab for the iPad was recently released by MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). Our family reviewed this app this past week and there are many things we really love about it and a few things we just do not like.  This app is educational and also very artistic.  I think that young children will learn a lot about how art is created by being exposed to this app at an early age.


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6 Sensational Sensory Apps for Babies

Every parent knows that iPads and iPhones are great for making calls, texting, keeping organized and entertaining children. Even babies under the age of one are grabbing their parents phones and playing. But you don’t want them to call China ot to mess up your Draw Something game.

So what’s a parent to do? Download the best apps for their baby, of course.

Here are 6 sensory apps for the iPad and iPhone that will entertain and even educate your little bundle of joy.


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Sneaky Sam iPad App Review

Four Star Review


PRICE: $2.99

When children reach a certain age, no matter what you’ve taught them and not matter what kind of guilt/fear stuff you’ve instilled in them, one day they are going to try to get something past you. Sometimes it’s as innocent as I snuck a cookie into my room when you weren’t looking. Hopefully it’s not I’ve poisoned the neighbors cat and then buried it in the yard.

Sneaky Sam is the snuck a cookie kind of kid. He plays little tricks on his mom, friends, some pigeons and even his cat. But Sam is harmless and cute. Which is why he has his own app.


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