App Highlight: Video Monster – YouTube filtering app for kids

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Ever been frustrated by the fact, that you couldn't let your kids watch YouTube on their own? Because they either got distracted by strange comments or thrown to weird 'related' videos, that were not really suitable for their age? If so, then you might like this youtube filtering app for kids: Video Monster


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App Highlight: BrainNook

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The most complete math game in the App Store! BrainNook is used in over 4000 classrooms and by over 100,000 kids, across the US and internationally: it's now available on the iPad for the first time! Comprehensively covers the curriculum used in your child’s school.


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Rocket Speller Review

Rocket Speller

by 213 iTunes' users.

Rocket Speller | Price: $0.99

Rocket Speller by Little Big Thinkers is an almost perfect app, striking just the right balance between fun and learning. It is targeted for children aged 3-7 but older children will enjoy it too. (more…)

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Best Apps About the Presidents

Election 2012Whether it’s election time or not, kids in the United States could probably use a little help learning their presidents. Here are some apps to help ease the learning process with a spoonful of sugary fun. (more…)

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5 Unique Educational Apps for Kids

There are multiple educational apps available for kids via smartphones, tablets, and
computers, which range from free downloads through to paid content. However, sorting
through the choice available can often be difficult, especially when having to deal with issues
like platform compatibility and suitability for ages. The best educational apps help kids to
learn while still being fun, and can take on everything from basic cognition skills through to
more advanced creative abilities. The following list represents a survey of different apps for
kids, and covers both preschool and older targeted apps. (more…)

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A great new storybook for the younger set

Loopy Lost His Lettuce HD

Loopy Lost His Lettuce HD | Price: $2.99

Pixelflip Studios has just released a new interactive storybook called, Loopy Lost His Lettuce.

It’s a cute little story with an even cuter presentation. All the characters in the story were hand crocheted. (more…)

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Magical Music Box App Review

is a modern version of the mechanical marvels of yesteryear that entertained our grandparents as children. This time the music box is animated and configurable by you to play familiar classical tunes with imagery that captures the imagination. It’s a new app from studio Kidoteca. I was most impressed with the production quality of the app. The artwork and animation are really well done.   The first time I saw it, I thought “This looks interesting.”  And I was not disappointed.

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Kindle Fire is a Perfect Fit for Toddlers

There are big advantages to starting your toddler’s education early. Just a few years ago it was unheard of for toddlers to be learning to read or doing simple sequencing problems. Today it is expected that children know this by the time they enter Kindergarten. Kindergarten classes are not for learning social skills in our world today. Kindergartners are expected to know their alphabet, have counting skills and able to color in the lines. Preschool is the best place to learn these pre-kindergarten skills but what if that is not an option for your family? How can they learn what they need to know before starting elementary school? The answer just might be on your Kindle.

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Amazon FreeTime gives Kindle the Edge over iPad

Kids and the Kindle Fire

I just saw today that Amazon is releasing an update to their Kindle Fire line that adds a feature called FreeTime. It seems that Amazon was listening to the concerns and complaints of parents everywhere. When children use a table there is always the concern that they’ll change the settings, install apps or be playing games when they should be reading.

Starting in November, Amazon is introducing a service called FreeTime, built from the ground up to help give parents peace of mind when it comes to tablet use. Parents can create a profile for each of their children and choose what books, apps, games and videos they want to give their kids access to. Kindle FreeTime is free on every Kindle Fire.

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Pat the Bunny App Review

Pat the Bunny

by 418 iTunes' users.

Pat the Bunny | Price: $3.99

The timeless children’s book that introduced tactile interactions with a furry bunny has made a surprisingly strong leap to the digital age. (more…)

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