New iKid Reward Charts makes Behavior and Reward Charts Easy

Reward Charts Work

As a parent of two, one of the most difficult tasks we have is to encourage our kids to do their chores. Back in my day, I got my chores done mostly out of the fear of the consequences, but I didn’t want my kids to be in constant fear of “negative reinforcement.” After looking around, my wife and I found out that research has shown that Positive Reinforcement is a much more powerful force for training. Just ask any animal trainer. 🙂

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Kaboom Helps to Limit Kids’ iPod and iPad Time

iPad time limits for kids

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As most parents have found out, limiting their child’s screentime on an iPad, iPhone or iPod can be challenging. Rahul Deshpande has come up with an interesting solution with his app, Kaboom – App Timer.

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Kindle Fire is a Perfect Fit for Toddlers

There are big advantages to starting your toddler’s education early. Just a few years ago it was unheard of for toddlers to be learning to read or doing simple sequencing problems. Today it is expected that children know this by the time they enter Kindergarten. Kindergarten classes are not for learning social skills in our world today. Kindergartners are expected to know their alphabet, have counting skills and able to color in the lines. Preschool is the best place to learn these pre-kindergarten skills but what if that is not an option for your family? How can they learn what they need to know before starting elementary school? The answer just might be on your Kindle.

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Amazon FreeTime gives Kindle the Edge over iPad

Kids and the Kindle Fire

I just saw today that Amazon is releasing an update to their Kindle Fire line that adds a feature called FreeTime. It seems that Amazon was listening to the concerns and complaints of parents everywhere. When children use a table there is always the concern that they’ll change the settings, install apps or be playing games when they should be reading.

Starting in November, Amazon is introducing a service called FreeTime, built from the ground up to help give parents peace of mind when it comes to tablet use. Parents can create a profile for each of their children and choose what books, apps, games and videos they want to give their kids access to. Kindle FreeTime is free on every Kindle Fire.

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LeapPad 2 vs iPad, Which one is best?

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Are you thinking about purchasing a tablet for your child to use? The most popular tablet computer is of course the iPad, and the number one gaming tablet geared specifically to kids is the newly updated LeapFrog console, the LeapPad 2. Let us break down the differences between LeapPad 2 vs iPad and help you determine which is the right option for you and your family.

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5 Great Childrens’ iPad Cases


If your child has an iPad, you either have a case or are looking for one. Cases not only protect the device itself, but in some cases make it easier to use and hold. We’ve tried several for our kids, but here are some ones that we think are the best.


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6 Kids iPad Apps That Adults Will Love

You love Angry Birds and so does your seven year old. There are lots of iPad apps meant for adults that kids love and there are just as many kids iPad apps that adults find themselves playing for hours. Except it’s not so cool to admit it. Well I am here to admit it, I love Talking Tom and I don’t care who knows it.

And there are others. Here’s a quick list of some apps that may be intended for children, but adults can have fun with them as well.


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550+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed

Profilepic We cannot believe it has been almost 4 years since we launched (formerly known as iPhone and Kids)! In many of our articles we try to review the best iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android apps for you in their respective categories. Below you can find all of our (550 in total!) best app reviews as well as a list of how to tips for parents.


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Cool New iPhone Projector

The number and kind of accessories available for the iPhone continue to expand at a pretty incredible rate. While some are meant simply to bling out your iPhone or protect it from a drop, the Brookstone DLP Projector sleeve turns your iPhone 4 into a portable projector – meaning you can show movies, videos, or those pictures you’ve been taking of the kids in big-screen fashion.


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Is Your Kid Addicted to iPhone/iPad?

iPhone addiction signsWith cases of iPhone addiction on the rise in the adult population, it’s little wonder that the habit is being mirrored in our children. But how can you tell if your kid is addicted to the iPhone? While there is no definitive entry for iPhone addiction in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, there are some hallmarks of the condition to be aware of. Keep your eyes open for these signs of iPhone addiction and act fast to help keep your child’s development on track.


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