5 Super Fun Board Games for iPad

best ipad board gamesCandy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly, Battle Ship…Just the names bring back memories of laying out on the living room floor with my dad and playing for hours on Sunday afternoons. Board games are an undeniable pastime that provide entertainment for kids and parents alike. However, they’re not always convenient. You can’t play Scrabble in the car, and the dog ate half of the Monopoly money. Luckily, the iPad makes the board game mobile, and with these five super fun board games for iPad, you’ll be playing on-the-go.



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Best iPad Apps for Preschoolers

While at first it may sound odd, toddlers and the iPad are a perfect match. As children transition from babies to toddlers, they crave information and stimulation. Toddlers have minds like a sponge, making it easy for parents to use the best iPad apps for toddlers to turn play time, into learning time. Packed with visual and audio stimulation, iPad apps for toddlers can help refine motor skills, hone critical thinking abilities and delight children all at once!


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Best Free Android Apps for Kids

Free-large-android256 There are a ton of Android apps for kids and with there being so many, finding the right application for your kids can be overwhelming. One of the main reasons is that it gets a little crowded when trying to find the best free Android kids apps. We have decided to make your search a bit easier by providing you a list of 5 applications that you and your kids will enjoy. From educational applications, religious to gaming fun, these best free Android kids apps are worth your look.



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Best Free Math Apps

Intro When it comes to learning, math is like vegetables. Kids either love it, or they hate it. However, whether your child squeals with excitement, or groans with dread at the prospect of crunching numbers, free math apps make mathematics a little more enjoyable. The biggest benefit for parents is that the best free math apps will get students practicing their addition, division and subtraction for the low, low price of free.  That’s an equation anybody can appreciate.


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