Best Elmo Apps

There’s no denying that everybody’s favorite little red furry monster is Elmo! Sesame Street has been a staple in the lives of children for generations, and no monster has helped more kids learn the importance of sharing, friendship and education.  Thus, it seems only right that Elmo be given center stage in a few of the best Sesame Street apps.  When you need a little cheer from a furry friend, check out these awesome Elmo apps for iPhone!



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Cool New iPhone Projector

The number and kind of accessories available for the iPhone continue to expand at a pretty incredible rate. While some are meant simply to bling out your iPhone or protect it from a drop, the Brookstone DLP Projector sleeve turns your iPhone 4 into a portable projector – meaning you can show movies, videos, or those pictures you’ve been taking of the kids in big-screen fashion.


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Best iPhone Apps for Keeping Kids Safe

kids safety appsWe live in a world where there’s plenty to worry about when it comes to our kids. Between the typical “stranger danger” lessons and keeping vital information on hand in case of emergency, it’s nice to know that there are  iPhone apps for keeping kids safe. Check these 5 kids safety apps out to help keep kids safe in emergencies, online and in their neighborhood.



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Best iPhone Puzzle Apps

iphone puzzle appsby Natalie

The best iPhone games aren’t just for kids. There are plenty of apps that capture the attention of parents, and can even keep the whole family entertained! Recently, my husband has formed an addiction for iPhone puzzle apps; not the jigsaw kind, but rather puzzles that challenge the mind and force you to think. Here are a few of our favorites that are great for keeping the minds of parents, and older kids, good and sharp!


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Cool Technology from Disney Research: Side by Side Projector

The kinds of accessories available for smartphones are becoming increasingly impressive. While a nifty case or speaker dock used to be impressive, tech researchers are beginning to produce devices that enhance the smartphone experience for the young and old alike. The tech gurus at Disney Research, Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University recently released announced the development of a side by side projector that allows users to play interactive games being projected onto a wall. It’s the overhead projector of the future.

The side by side projector works with a few different game apps that are designed specifically for the system, while researchers also suggest that the technology may be used for information sharing, like file exchange, in the future. How, exactly, does it work? That’s a little more complicated; but cool!


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How to Watch Movies on Android Phone

What would have seemed crazy 10 years ago is now an everyday event; the ability to watch full length movies and videos on your mobile phone. Learning how to watch movies on Android phone is extremely easy and many would argue much easier than on the iPhone or other smart phone devices. The three easiest ways to watch moves on your Android phone is by renting or downloading the movie from the Android market, watching movies you have previously downloaded from your phone’s internal memory, or to stream movies through your phones data connection.


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5 iPhone Apps for Keeping Kids Healthy

healthy kids
While technology was long thought as unhealthy; with kids lounging in front of the TV or playing games on their phone all day, forward thinking parents know that there are a wealth of iPhone apps for keeping kids healthy. Need some activity ideas? There’s a kids app for that! Got a picky eater that needs some creative nutrition? There’s an app for that, too! Here are 5 of our favorite iPhone apps for keeping kids healthy.


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Best Coloring App for iPad – Use a Coloring Marker from Crayola!

Coloring apps for the iPad have been taken to a new level with Crayola’s Color Studio HD app and the iMarker. This nifty new take on the digital coloring book lets kids play with a truly “magic” marker rather than having to use a finger to spread colors across the iPad screen.

The Crayola Color Studio HD app  is a free app compatible with iPad. While kids can use their finger as a crayon, the app also works with the Crayola iMarker, which retails for $29.99.

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Teach Kids Spelling with an iPhone App

My Spelling TestAfter the kids get bored with practicing their spelling words at the kitchen table, or during pop quizzes in the car, try out My Spelling Test to incorporate some iPhone fun into your spelling studies!



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Best New iOS Apps for Kids

Everyday, a wealth of new apps are available in the iTunes store. So how do you know what’s worth your time, and safe for your kids to explore? Here, we introduce you to five of the best new apps submitted to by the developers themselves. For more app videos and information on new kids’ releases, check out our video section.


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