Best New Kids Apps

best new kids appsThe world of apps available for children is ever-expanding. From educational aids to pure entertainment, developers are taking heed of the fact that kids and their parents want fun, relatable, smart apps to play with. In response to this demand, we’re  seeing innovative new apps available on a regular basis, and in this post we’ll review a few of our favorite apps that have been submitted by developers to

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550+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed

Profilepic We cannot believe it has been almost 4 years since we launched (formerly known as iPhone and Kids)! In many of our articles we try to review the best iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android apps for you in their respective categories. Below you can find all of our (550 in total!) best app reviews as well as a list of how to tips for parents.


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Kids Movies App Helps You Find Best Kids Movies

How many times have you sat down to watch a movie with your kids, and regardless of the PG rating, been a little shocked by the subject matter, language or violence? While parents typically trust movie ratings, there’s really no way to be sure just what’s in a flick, ’til you watch it yourself. Until now.


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Best Free iPad Games for Kids

free iPad appsUsing the iPad as a platform for family games can be a great use for technology in bringing kids and parents together. However, many iPad games can be expensive, and parents are hesitant to purchase an app that they’re not sure will get much use. However, with this list of the best free iPad apps, you can have your game and play it, too! All without emptying out your bank account at the same time. However, beware that many free apps include in-app purchases, so be sure to turn off your in-app purchases before settling into a free iPad game marathon!


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Free Online Educational Tools

It’s easy to see that we believe in using technology as a tool for learning. And the people at Khan Academy seem to agree. While books and pencils will always be an important part of learning, utilizing online tools and computers to improve interactive learning activities provides opportunities for children (and adults!) to learn in new ways. Research has proven that different people grasp concepts best through different methods of learning; and the materials available from Khan Academy provide innovative ways to look at learning – all for free!



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Best iPad Apps for Preschoolers

While at first it may sound odd, toddlers and the iPad are a perfect match. As children transition from babies to toddlers, they crave information and stimulation. Toddlers have minds like a sponge, making it easy for parents to use the best iPad apps for toddlers to turn play time, into learning time. Packed with visual and audio stimulation, iPad apps for toddlers can help refine motor skills, hone critical thinking abilities and delight children all at once!


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Top New Kids Apps

Another great new batch of apps has been submitted to our ikidapps forums by talented developers, and in this post we’ll share a few of our favorites with you! Each day, more new apps are released to the iTunes store, opening the door to learning, fun and excitement for you and your kid. While it may be tough to pick out the best new kids apps, in iTunes, remember to check out the “New Apps” section here at iKidApps for video trailers, info, and links to the best new kids apps. And keep reading for a round-up of some of our top picks below:


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Best iPad Apps for Kids with Special Needs

Children with special needs require special apps! Whether you help care for a child with Autism, Down Syndrome, or other special needs, there are a few elite iPad apps that can help facilitate communication, learning and understanding. Parents of special needs children strive to find the most effective ways to give their kids an advantage, and the best iPad apps for special needs offer a unique tool for parents and educators to use. While love, patience and understanding are the foundation to success in caring for individuals with special needs, unique technologies, like iPad apps can also help play a part in enriching the lives of those with special needs.


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Best iPhone Apps for Learning Fractions

Let’s face it – fractions can be the least fun part about math.  Even as adults, many people struggle with fractions. How did you multiply them again? What was the process to add different fractions together?  These iPhone apps will give your child the early advantage they need to develop strong fraction skills that will ensure a successful future with fractions. How? By cloaking the oft-feared fraction in the disguise of a fun game!



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iPhone case and app turns your iPhone into a smart toy!

The realm of accessories geared towards kids and iPhone is ever-expanding. First, there were plush cases, then Buzz Lightyear docking stations, and now, there’s Ubooly. This plush, interactive toy uses the iPhone as it’s “brain,” and transforms into what one source described as todays Teddy Ruxpin. Minus the cassette tape holder in its back and that strange vest ol’ Teddy wore, of course.


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