App Highlight: BrainNook

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The most complete math game in the App Store! BrainNook is used in over 4000 classrooms and by over 100,000 kids, across the US and internationally: it's now available on the iPad for the first time! Comprehensively covers the curriculum used in your child’s school.


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Best Apps About the Presidents

Election 2012Whether it’s election time or not, kids in the United States could probably use a little help learning their presidents. Here are some apps to help ease the learning process with a spoonful of sugary fun. (more…)

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Mr. Blimp iPad App Review

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Educational apps for kids are great. And they’re even better if they are educational apps disguised as fun apps. This way, not only will parents feel better about handing over their iPhone or iPad, but children will  learn when they think they’re just playing.

is one of those apps. It’s a colorful, fun app for your 2-5 year old that will also teach them letters, numbers, and spelling. (more…)

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7 Back to School iPad Apps That We Recommend

Parents everywhere are getting excited and going around singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. That’s right, it’s back to school time.

But back to school means more than buying school supplies and making sure junior makes the bus, it also means homework, studying and tests. And there are plenty of iPad apps to help you and your little ones brush up on all things education.


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Little Digits iPad App Review

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Four Star Review


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Little Digits is an educational app that appeals to children of many ages. The idea behind the little digits iPad app is to associate counting on your fingers with what each number represents and what the number also looks like.

All kids love to count on their fingers. This app helps you take counting on your fingers a step further. The first thing you must do before starting to use the app is to shut of the multitasking gestures under “settings”. Once you do this, you are free to enjoy the whole app.


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6 Learn To Read Apps for Kids to Help Boost Literacy Skills

If you’re reading this, then at some point in your life someone taught you had to read. And chances are you did not have any help from an iPad or smartphone. But it’s 2012 and kids today have the advantage of using technology to help them do many things, including learning how to read.

We have complied a list of the 6 learn to read apps that will boost your child’s literacy skills.


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Kids App Giveaway: Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat

Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat

Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat is an interactive kids iPad storybook brought to you from the fine folks at Wales Interactive. The app follows the delightful story of Mrs Sprat, a sprat pretending to be a cat! The story is well thought out and as your young ones read along there are various mini-games and task that will keep them entertained and engaged.

It’s a really fun story that I have to admit, put a big smile on my face. As a tool for helping kids in the 3-5 years age group get a start on reading, this app succeeds.


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Best New Kids Apps

best new kids appsThe world of apps available for children is ever-expanding. From educational aids to pure entertainment, developers are taking heed of the fact that kids and their parents want fun, relatable, smart apps to play with. In response to this demand, we’re  seeing innovative new apps available on a regular basis, and in this post we’ll review a few of our favorite apps that have been submitted by developers to

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550+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed

Profilepic We cannot believe it has been almost 4 years since we launched (formerly known as iPhone and Kids)! In many of our articles we try to review the best iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android apps for you in their respective categories. Below you can find all of our (550 in total!) best app reviews as well as a list of how to tips for parents.


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Kids Movies App Helps You Find Best Kids Movies

How many times have you sat down to watch a movie with your kids, and regardless of the PG rating, been a little shocked by the subject matter, language or violence? While parents typically trust movie ratings, there’s really no way to be sure just what’s in a flick, ’til you watch it yourself. Until now.


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