Cool iOS App Signs

app signsThe world of products related to apps is ever-expanding. Heck, just last week I bought a box of Angry Birds fruit snacks. For people seeking a slightly more professional way to promote an app than fruit gummies, there is now the option to have an app icon professional printed and ready for display. has come up with the idea of creating app artwork, so to speak, making what we think is a pretty awesome tool for marketing, or just awesome office décor for developers. Printed on a reverse acrylic material, the finished product is essentially a large-scale replica of an app icon that can be displayed on office walls, in retail shops or anywhere else your developer friends find space.
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Great Website Templates for App Developers

As an app developer, marketing and support is an essential function of your job. While most developers are confident in their ability to produce a great app, many are left wondering how to create an equally great website to offer information and tech support to consumers after the app has launched. Fortunately, developers need not spend their time designing a website from scratch. With these highly rated website templates, app developers can have a good website up with minimal time and effort – and get back to producing new apps for iPhone and Android users to clamor over.


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Secrets of Developing A Best Selling Kids App

We recently had a chance to chat with Jennifer McCabe of Tenlin Studios about how her company develops popular apps like Licking Letters. Check out the interview for insights about how a successful children’s apps come to life, and how marketing can be a key piece of successful app development:


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Best New Kids Apps

Best apps intro As more and more great apps are submitted by developers to, we’re happy to review the submissions and select a few of our favorites to highlight for our readers. This time, there’s apps to help youngsters learn to associate sounds with objects, apps to encourage musical play and apps that inspire imagination. Check them out and let us know what you think!


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How to get your kid started with iPhone and iPod Touch programming?

Meet-the-World-039-s-Youngest-Apple-IIGS-Programmer-2 Lim Ding Wen and Robert Nay come across as typical boys next door. However, both these teenagers are child prodigies who’ve mastered the art of iPhone and iPod Touch programming. While Wen was the world’s youngest iPhone developer when he released his iPhone software at the age of 9, Nay created Bubble Ball, a free iPhone game managed to displace the popular Angry Birds from the number-one spot on the free games list in mid-January. Does your kid have a genuine interest in iPhone and iPod Touch programming? Does he/ she dream of building the next killer iPhone app? Read on to know how you can assist your kids conquer the challenge of learning iPhone and iPod Touch programming.


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How to become a successful iPhone app developer?

Photo Many mobile application developers dreams of creating a great iPhone app, selling hundreds of thousands of copies, and getting rich!  How can you create hit iPhone apps? Who better to ask than a successful developer himself. Below is our interview with Matt Braun,  who is the creator of MASH, which was downloaded (free and paid) over 2 million times!

iPhoneAndKids: MASH seems to be a huge success. Can you tell us how did you come up with the idea?


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iPad 2: What’s new? Is it worth to upgrade?

New-ipad2 Much waited iPad 2 announcement is here! The updated iPad will be available to anxious American consumers on March 11th and boasts a host of new features and faster processing. The rest of the new iPad2 features are given below:


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Best New iPhone and iPad Apps for Kids

Intro Many great app previews gets submitted to the iPhoneAndKids site. These apps has video previews that you can just check out before you decide to purchase. We went through the apps submitted in the last two months and picked 10 apps to feature. If you are a developer, make sure to submit your new app with a video clip.

Below are our picks, take a peek at what’s available and try them out for yourself! There are some other great applications available at  iPhoneAndKids forum, so make sure to check them out also.


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20 Best Ways to Promote iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Kids Apps

It is said that there is no magic formula for iPhone app promotion- sometimes you get lucky and get featured on the App Store and the iPhone app sales will pick up. However, many iPhone apps make the top 10 list without ever being featured by Apple. Below are some steps that you can take to improve your iPhone, iTouch, iPad app sales:

1. Localization via translation of your iPhone app will help tremendously for your iPhone app sales ‚ We have experienced this first hand. Note that you may not need to localize the contents of your app, it may be sufficient to translate just the description of your app in the iTunes store. If you are going in this direction, I’d recommend submitting your description in Japanese ‚Äì a hugely growing market-, Spanish, and French first.


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