Best Free Kids Book Apps for Android

Reading a story before bedtime is a wonderful experience many parents will remember in delight when thinking back on when they raised their child. In this new technological age, hundreds of kid’s books are available at the tip of your fingers on your android device. It can be difficult to find the best free kids book apps for Android, however, this article will cover the best children’s book apps that are absolutely free.


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How to Get Free Ringtones for your Android Phone

by Alonso

One of the best things about Android powered phones is that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to customization.  You can choose to have traditional wallpapers or unique, moving Live Wallpapers, the icons can be changed, even the whole layout of the phone can be changed.  Perhaps the most distinguishable piece of phone customization, however, is the ringtone.  Long gone are the days of paying for ringtones; it is fairly easy to get free ringtones on your Android phone, so read on to find out how!



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Best Free Android Coloring Apps for Kids

Coloring AppsWhether you’re young, or just young at heart, coloring is one activity that never loses its charm. Perhaps that’s why coloring apps are among the most popular kids’ apps in the Android Market. They are the perfect mix of classic fun and modern technology. Lucky for you, many of the best coloring apps for Android are also free.


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iPhone vs. Android – A Comparison with Pros and Cons

Question mark introThere is plenty of debate over which is better: the iPhone, or one of the many Android smartphones available. And it’s not difficult to understand the confusion that faces consumers. They both have apps. They both allow for access to the internet. They both have appealing features. So, just what is the difference, and which is a better choice?


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550+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed

Profilepic We cannot believe it has been 3 years since we launched! In many of our articles we try to review the best iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android apps for you in their respective categories. Also we have the largest collection of kids app videos, do check them out. Below you can find all of our (550 in total!) best app reviews as well as a list of how to tips for parents.


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Best Android Apps For Toddlers

Toddler Worldby Darren

With all the excitement of the Android Market’s applications and the buzz generated from them by adults, teenagers, and pre-teens, we often forget that there is another generation of Android users. Toddlers make up a growing list of Android users and parents always like to keep abreast of the best Android Apps for toddlers. From educational applications to music applications, the Android Market has an app that your toddler will love being involved with. Below is our list of the best Android Apps for your toddler and we are confident that your child will love engaging in the fun and excitement.


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How To Setup Parental Controls On Android

Android phoneby Darren
The open source Android operating system has become very popular in a short amount of time. The number of applications an Android user can download and use seem endless. Paid applications and free applications load the Android Market. The fun and functionality of these applications are beneficial on many levels. At the same time, certain applications can bring unwanted implications for a child who has downloaded something that parents aren’t aware of. Concerned parents need choices to protect their children from applications and other actions that are reserved for adults only. Often times, parents are seeking ways of how to setup parental controls for Android devices. While there isn’t a way to turn parental control on from the device itself, here are a few applications that should help setup parental controls for Android devices through restricting and monitoring.


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The Best Android Apps For Pre-School Age

Boybike The Android Market is chocked full of some of the most creative and amazing apps one can find. With more than 100,000 applications, it should come as no surprise that the Market also has some of the best Android apps for pre-school age children. While pre-teens, teens, young adults and mature adults enjoy the endless fun and functionality of their Android devices, parents are seeking ways to use the educational advantages of the Android platform for their children. As the Market continues to expand, so do the applications that are available for children that are between the ages of 2 and 5. Here are five applications that parents can use to assist them in getting their child in front of the learning curve.


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Best Free Android Apps for Kids

Free-large-android256 There are a ton of Android apps for kids and with there being so many, finding the right application for your kids can be overwhelming. One of the main reasons is that it gets a little crowded when trying to find the best free Android kids apps. We have decided to make your search a bit easier by providing you a list of 5 applications that you and your kids will enjoy. From educational applications, religious to gaming fun, these best free Android kids apps are worth your look.



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200+ Best Kids Apps Reviewed!


Here at we’ve introduced our readers to a wide variety of apps for children and their parents that foster learning, fun and exploration of the world around us. This guide is intended to help you locate the reviews on that are best suited to your needs! 200+ iPhone, iPad, Android Kids App reviews, read on.


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