Best Free Android Apps to Learn How to Write

The iPhone isn’t the only device in town that can help children develop beautiful handwriting. A growing number of apps are becoming available on the Android market to assist children with developing handwriting skills.  Whether your elementary student needs to perfect those cursive letters, or your toddler is mastering the art of writing their name, the best Android learning apps can help! With these free high quality apps for Android devices, you will enable the growth of your child’s language skills in a fun, digital environment that translates into real-world skills.


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65+ Best Android Kids Apps Reviewed

iKidApps is excited to share information about the latest and greatest kids’ apps available for Android devices. Since our establishment nearly 3 1/2 years ago, the site has expanded from showcasing just iPhone apps to include the ever-popular Android apps, as well! This list of postings will direct you to our reviews of the best kids Android apps for learning, play time and parenting!


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Best Kindle Fire Apps for Younger Kids

Since its release, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular Android tablet choice. The size, capability and price of this device, available for just $159, makes the Kindle Fire an ideal choice for families that either aren’t Apple fans, or who just can’t justify the $500+ price tag of an iPad. The  number of apps available for Kindle Fire is expanding all the time, but for those who are using the Kindle Fire now, here are five of the best Kindle Fire apps for kids:



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How to Disable App Downloads on Android Phones to Avoid Accidental Purchases by Kids

Avoid unwanted purchasesIf you’re a parent then you know your Android phone is not always your own. Kids are drawn to them like moths to a flame. With such a wide variety of kid-friendly apps out there, we put our Android phones in their hands more and more often.

It’s your job to keep your child, your Android and your wallet safe. The most effective way to do this is to disable accidental app purchases in the Android Market. With a few simple precautions you can increase Android phone security for kids and avoid unwanted app purchases. (more…)

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Best Free Android Apps for Girls

There are hundreds of great Android apps for kids out there, but how many of them are truly catered to young girls? Whether you are taking your daughter on a road trip, driving her to school or just trying to entertain her long enough to enjoy some quiet time, there are a few great Android apps for young girls.  Below we take a look at five cute apps that range from dress up games to educational apps.  The best part? They’re all free.


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Best Math Apps For Android

MainMath Android phones outsell iPhone today! So at we took notice and we are trying to review many more Android kids apps for our readers. Below is a list of the top 5 best math apps for Android.


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How to Watch Movies on Android Phone

What would have seemed crazy 10 years ago is now an everyday event; the ability to watch full length movies and videos on your mobile phone. Learning how to watch movies on Android phone is extremely easy and many would argue much easier than on the iPhone or other smart phone devices. The three easiest ways to watch moves on your Android phone is by renting or downloading the movie from the Android market, watching movies you have previously downloaded from your phone’s internal memory, or to stream movies through your phones data connection.


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Best Android Tablet Apps for Kids

Galaxy TabSince the release of the iPad, competitors have been releasing a myriad of tablets on the Android market. While the Apple iPad may be the most recognizable tablet, Android fans are flocking to devices like the Samsung Galaxy Tab and Toshiba Thrive. Manufactured by major electronics brands, these Android tablets are every bit as sleek and mobile as the iPad, but apps must come from the Android market, opposed to browsing the top lists in Apple’s iTunes store.

Never fear, though! Android developers are releasing an increasing number of kids’ apps just for Android tablets, and here, we’ll take you through some of our favorites:

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Best Free Android Apps for Traveling with Kids

Traveling with kids is something that a lot of parents worry about, but if you use the right Android apps to keep little minds entertained, you’ll never have to worry again!  I know that for me the thought of  spending hours at an airport or in a car with the youngsters causes instant anxiety. “Are we there yet?” “Mom, I’m bored.” “Mom, MOM! I need a snack.” Ah, I can hear their little voices now! However, downloading the right Android kids’ apps can put the fun back in family travel! These apps will help you to plan the trip, find the best kid-friendly spots, and enjoy your journey every step of the way.


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How to Gift Android Apps

The holidays are upon us and that means that it’s time to start giving the gifts of apps. This is becoming a very popular form of gift cards and gift options because it allows the receiver to enjoy something technical in nature. We are all addicted to our Smartphone and therefore apps with our needs and likes in mind are a great gift to get. If you are an Android user there are a couple of methods by which you can give or receive your favorite apps.


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