MoMA Art Lab iPad App Review

Five Star Review


PRICE: $4.99

MoMA Art Lab for the iPad was recently released by MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). Our family reviewed this app this past week and there are many things we really love about it and a few things we just do not like.  This app is educational and also very artistic.  I think that young children will learn a lot about how art is created by being exposed to this app at an early age.


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6 Kids iPad Apps That Adults Will Love

You love Angry Birds and so does your seven year old. There are lots of iPad apps meant for adults that kids love and there are just as many kids iPad apps that adults find themselves playing for hours. Except it’s not so cool to admit it. Well I am here to admit it, I love Talking Tom and I don’t care who knows it.

And there are others. Here’s a quick list of some apps that may be intended for children, but adults can have fun with them as well.


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Cinderella: 3D Pop-Up Fairy Tale Review and Giveaway

Cinderella Icon

Three Star Rating



PRICE: $0.99

Parents know that reading is one of the most important things you can do with your child. And one of the great perks of owning an iPad or iPhone is that they can store many books, including books you can share with your child. There are also many apps that are interactive books for you or your child to read. One interactive book app – which is also a 3D pop-up book – is Cinderella 3D Pop-Up Fairy Tale.


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Best New Kids Apps

best new kids appsThe world of apps available for children is ever-expanding. From educational aids to pure entertainment, developers are taking heed of the fact that kids and their parents want fun, relatable, smart apps to play with. In response to this demand, we’re  seeing innovative new apps available on a regular basis, and in this post we’ll review a few of our favorite apps that have been submitted by developers to

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5 Super Fun Board Games for iPad

best ipad board gamesCandy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly, Battle Ship…Just the names bring back memories of laying out on the living room floor with my dad and playing for hours on Sunday afternoons. Board games are an undeniable pastime that provide entertainment for kids and parents alike. However, they’re not always convenient. You can’t play Scrabble in the car, and the dog ate half of the Monopoly money. Luckily, the iPad makes the board game mobile, and with these five super fun board games for iPad, you’ll be playing on-the-go.



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Best Art Apps for Summer Fun

best art appsThe kids are almost out of school, the weather’s heating up – and you’ve got a house full of young ones to keep occupied all day long. After the swims have been swum and the swings outside have swung, iPhone and  iPad art apps can give kids a creative outlet while letting Mom take a break in the air conditioning. Not to mention, the best iPad art apps are an awesome alternative when you’re just not in the mood to wipe finger paint off the kitchen table. Here are a few of our picks for the best iPhone and iPad art apps that your little Monet is sure to love.


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Best Free iPad Games for Kids

free iPad appsUsing the iPad as a platform for family games can be a great use for technology in bringing kids and parents together. However, many iPad games can be expensive, and parents are hesitant to purchase an app that they’re not sure will get much use. However, with this list of the best free iPad apps, you can have your game and play it, too! All without emptying out your bank account at the same time. However, beware that many free apps include in-app purchases, so be sure to turn off your in-app purchases before settling into a free iPad game marathon!


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Top New Kids Apps

Another great new batch of apps has been submitted to our ikidapps forums by talented developers, and in this post we’ll share a few of our favorites with you! Each day, more new apps are released to the iTunes store, opening the door to learning, fun and excitement for you and your kid. While it may be tough to pick out the best new kids apps, in iTunes, remember to check out the “New Apps” section here at iKidApps for video trailers, info, and links to the best new kids apps. And keep reading for a round-up of some of our top picks below:


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Best iPhone Apps for Learning Fractions

Let’s face it – fractions can be the least fun part about math.  Even as adults, many people struggle with fractions. How did you multiply them again? What was the process to add different fractions together?  These iPhone apps will give your child the early advantage they need to develop strong fraction skills that will ensure a successful future with fractions. How? By cloaking the oft-feared fraction in the disguise of a fun game!



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Best Apps for Learning to Tell Time

The next time your child asks you for the time, tell them that it’s time to learn how to tell time!  In a word of digital clocks, you can use your iPhone to teach your kids how to tell time, rather than simply using it to read the time. In the three apps below, you’ll find some of the best apps for learning to tell time. Whether your child is brand new to telling time, or they need a little reinforcement when it comes to the difference between the hour and minute hands, using an iPhone app to assist in the learning process is sure to keep kids engaged while they master the art of reading clocks!


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