Little Digits iPad App Review

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Four Star Review


PRICE: $1.99

Little Digits is an educational app that appeals to children of many ages. The idea behind the little digits iPad app is to associate counting on your fingers with what each number represents and what the number also looks like.

All kids love to count on their fingers. This app helps you take counting on your fingers a step further. The first thing you must do before starting to use the app is to shut of the multitasking gestures under “settings”. Once you do this, you are free to enjoy the whole app.


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Bamba Ice-Cream iPad App Review

Bamba Ice Cream Icon

Three Stars



I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And an app that centers around ice cream is sure to make your child scream. And it’s free, which will make you scream with joy.

Bamba Ice Cream is one of three children’s apps developed by Mezmedia. The other apps are Bamba Pizza and Bamba Pizza Fourth of July (along with a series of infant and toddler apps).


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Best New Kids Apps

best new kids appsThe world of apps available for children is ever-expanding. From educational aids to pure entertainment, developers are taking heed of the fact that kids and their parents want fun, relatable, smart apps to play with. In response to this demand, we’re  seeing innovative new apps available on a regular basis, and in this post we’ll review a few of our favorite apps that have been submitted by developers to

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Best Free iPad Games for Kids

free iPad appsUsing the iPad as a platform for family games can be a great use for technology in bringing kids and parents together. However, many iPad games can be expensive, and parents are hesitant to purchase an app that they’re not sure will get much use. However, with this list of the best free iPad apps, you can have your game and play it, too! All without emptying out your bank account at the same time. However, beware that many free apps include in-app purchases, so be sure to turn off your in-app purchases before settling into a free iPad game marathon!


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Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

While they’re not quite ready for ABC-tracing or counting aloud, young toddlers still want to play with the iPad, too! At a stage where everything is of interest; from the dog’s nose to the empty cereal box, it’s no wonder that toddlers are fascinated by the lights, sounds and fun of an iPad. Finding the best iPad apps for toddlers will help your tiny tot learn while simultaneously aiding in the development of motor skills as they reach to touch and move objects on the screen.  Keep reading for a list of our top iPad apps for toddlers; and then get to downloading!


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Best Apps for Learning to Tell Time

The next time your child asks you for the time, tell them that it’s time to learn how to tell time!  In a word of digital clocks, you can use your iPhone to teach your kids how to tell time, rather than simply using it to read the time. In the three apps below, you’ll find some of the best apps for learning to tell time. Whether your child is brand new to telling time, or they need a little reinforcement when it comes to the difference between the hour and minute hands, using an iPhone app to assist in the learning process is sure to keep kids engaged while they master the art of reading clocks!


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Best Elmo Apps

There’s no denying that everybody’s favorite little red furry monster is Elmo! Sesame Street has been a staple in the lives of children for generations, and no monster has helped more kids learn the importance of sharing, friendship and education.  Thus, it seems only right that Elmo be given center stage in a few of the best Sesame Street apps.  When you need a little cheer from a furry friend, check out these awesome Elmo apps for iPhone!



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Awesome New iPhone Case for Babies

Until now, the number of baby-safe iPhone cases were limited. It was a nice idea that so many developers come out with apps full of colorful animals and a-b-c learning, but turning the iPhone over to your 10 month old always came with the risk of it shattering after an unfortunate fall from the high chair.

Fisher Price’s Apptivity cases make app play baby-friendly in a pretty cool way. The Laugh & Learn Apptivity case puts the iPhone, or iPod Touch, securely in the middle of a circle that looks alot like a steering wheel. The overall design makes the iPhone part of a bigger toy and much, much easier to hold on to. Not to mention, it will prevent your little one from being tempted to try and eat the iPhone while enjoying an app. Always a plus!


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Best Kindle Fire Apps for Younger Kids

Since its release, the Kindle Fire has become the most popular Android tablet choice. The size, capability and price of this device, available for just $159, makes the Kindle Fire an ideal choice for families that either aren’t Apple fans, or who just can’t justify the $500+ price tag of an iPad. The  number of apps available for Kindle Fire is expanding all the time, but for those who are using the Kindle Fire now, here are five of the best Kindle Fire apps for kids:



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Best Music Apps for iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

Intro image Do you, by any chance, remember when people bought iPods for listening to music? The sole purpose of this innovative Apple device was to download, transport and rock out to your favorite tunes. It was a simpler time. Now, we have iPhones, iPads, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, iPod Classic, iPod Shuffle…The list goes on, but one of the hallmark qualities of all of these devices is their ability to grant us access to that great equalizer: music. Whether you’re 3 or 93, there’s an app out there that can help bring music to life on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Get ready to rock.


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