Highlight: Junior Typer

Junior Typer

by 7 iTunes' users.

Junior Typer | Price: $0.99

Do you have a child who loves to type on the iPad or on your computer? Is he/she constantly pushing setting buttons? or share links? or activating some part of the app that isn’t for them? If so, Junior Typer is the app you are looking for. It was created by a father for his preschooler when he could not find a similar app. It lets your child type on the iPad without any extra buttons, settings, ads, sharing links, etc.

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App Highlight: Video Monster – YouTube filtering app for kids

| Price:

Ever been frustrated by the fact, that you couldn't let your kids watch YouTube on their own? Because they either got distracted by strange comments or thrown to weird 'related' videos, that were not really suitable for their age? If so, then you might like this youtube filtering app for kids: Video Monster


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Magical Music Box App Review

is a modern version of the mechanical marvels of yesteryear that entertained our grandparents as children. This time the music box is animated and configurable by you to play familiar classical tunes with imagery that captures the imagination. It’s a new app from studio Kidoteca. I was most impressed with the production quality of the app. The artwork and animation are really well done.   The first time I saw it, I thought “This looks interesting.”  And I was not disappointed.

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Pat the Bunny App Review

Pat the Bunny

by 418 iTunes' users.

Pat the Bunny | Price: $3.99

The timeless children’s book that introduced tactile interactions with a furry bunny has made a surprisingly strong leap to the digital age. (more…)

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Halloween Apps for Kids

Halloween apps for kids

The temporary Halloween stores have already started popping up. The leaves are starting to turn. Corn stalks are showing up outside your neighbor’s house. It’s that time of year again. Here’s a quick list of some fun and safe Halloween-themed apps for your kiddos to enjoy.



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6 Sensational Sensory Apps for Babies

Every parent knows that iPads and iPhones are great for making calls, texting, keeping organized and entertaining children. Even babies under the age of one are grabbing their parents phones and playing. But you don’t want them to call China ot to mess up your Draw Something game.

So what’s a parent to do? Download the best apps for their baby, of course.

Here are 6 sensory apps for the iPad and iPhone that will entertain and even educate your little bundle of joy.


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