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Last year Disney released a fantastic app based on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode “Road Rally.” They called the app an “appisode,” which meant that it was basically the episode of the Disney Junior show turned into a game with long clips from the show. In simplest terms, it became an interactive episode for your child on the iPad or other iOS device. Now they’ve completely redone the app and I think its been worth it.

The app was pulled from the store and replaced with the new “Disney Junior Appisodes” app. This new app includes the free “Road Rally” appisode, and it includes two more appisodes. Unfortunately, these are in-app purchases at $4.99 each.

The new appisodes are “Mickey and Donald had a Farm” from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and “Hide the Hideout” and “Captain Hook’s Hooks” from Jake and the Never Land Pirates. The Jake episodes are two in one. I imagine this is because a typical episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates has two stories, while a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse has only one, but twice the length. A word of warning, each purchase takes a lot of storage space (up to 600mb).

Disney has implemented a safe guard, if you will, on the in-app purchase which is not the best but better than nothing. To access the in-app purchase option you have to enter a four digit code which is presented as spelled out numbers. Of course, if your child can read this is useless and you better hope he/she does not know your iTunes password. As I said, it is better than nothing, and it is nice to see Disney putting in an extra safe-guard for parents.

“Road Rally” was already a huge hit in my house and these new appisodes are already very popular. Like the original “Road Rally” they turn the TV episodes into interactive games. One of my son’s favorite parts is when he has to talk to the device and answer a question being asked by a character. There are other mini-games in each appisode that are very educational and fun. One part has Jake quirting Hook with a water cannon to help keep him away from the hideout.

I would imagine more appisodes are coming in future updates. It would be great to see additions from Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, and the new Henry Hugglemonster.

Overall, these appisodes are great and a welcome addition to iOS devices in my house. It runs on the iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPads. If you have a Jake or Mickey fan in your house, I highly suggest checking this app out in the App Store.

Donny Yankellow is a father, art teacher, illustrator and writer. He has written for several websites over the years including MyMac.com and Techerator.com. He is the writer and illustrator of several children’s ibooks including the best selling “Looking for a Dinosaur.” He is also the creator of the childrens typing app for the iPad called Junior Typer. More information about Donny’s books and artwork can be found at his website: www.hedgehogalley.com.