New iKid Reward Charts makes Behavior and Reward Charts Easy

Reward Charts Work

As a parent of two, one of the most difficult tasks we have is to encourage our kids to do their chores. Back in my day, I got my chores done mostly out of the fear of the consequences, but I didn’t want my kids to be in constant fear of “negative reinforcement.” After looking around, my wife and I found out that research has shown that Positive Reinforcement is a much more powerful force for training. Just ask any animal trainer. 🙂

After coming up with a list of behaviors that we wanted to reward or encourage, we created some printed charts for tracking choices the kids were making. We pasted them up on the wall where the kids could easily see them and started the process.

It worked great! Suddenly, they were really interested in who was going to get to empty the dishwasher!

But the paper charts got messy after a while and were hard to handle when someone “lost” a star for bad choices.

That’s when we decided to put our charts online. By creating, we were able to have our charts with us all the time. This was especially handy in stores and restaurants when good behavior was really needed.

Behavior Charts from

We happen to live far away from the kids’ grandparents and extended family, but we wanted them to be involved in the reward process too. iKid Reward Charts allows you to add those extended family members to the kids’ charts and they get notified when the child earns or loses a star, or completes a chart. This has really motivated the kids to get their acts together.

We hope works for you too. It’s a free and easy way to use reward and behavior charts.

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