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A sign of a good kids game for the iPad is how long a child plays with it. Based on that theory, the new app by one of my favorite kids app developers Duck Duck Moose called “More Trucks HD” should be a hit. After installing the game on my iPad I let my five year old take it for a spin. Ten minutes later I could not get him to give me the iPad. He was to engrossed in having a crane pull boxes over to a wrecking ball and have a bulldozer clean up the mess.

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That is just one of four mini games in the app which is a sequel to the app “Trucks HD.” While “Trucks HD” did not grab my sons attention when I bought it when it was released, this app has. It is much more engaging and definitely for the older preschooler audience.

Monster Truck Game - More Trucks -

As I said, the crane game is one of four. Lets talk about the other three. First, and my personal favorite, is the monster truck game. In this game you drive through a horizontal scrolling monster truck course jumping over obstacles and collecting coins. As far as I can tell the coins are just there for a score and serve no other purpose. The controls are easy. There is a left and right button and a jump button. There is a horn button too. Even if an obstacle is not jumped over the car keeps going. At the end of each race a new truck (ten total) is unlocked. So far we have unlocked the moose and yellow beetle car. You start with a duck truck.

Fire Truck Game - More Trucks -

The second game is the fire engine game. Here your child drives a fire engine left and right through a city putting out fires. The controls are similar to the truck game, but instead of a jump button there is a water button for putting out the fires. Instead of a horn you get a siren.

Junk Yard Game - More Trucks

The third game takes place in a junk yard. Cars get lifted onto a flatbed and from there they go to the junk yard with a police escort (yes, a police escort). Here they are placed in a fence with a magnet where a dinosaur foot comes down and crushes the cars.

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Like all Duck Duck Moose games, “More Trucks” has bright graphics and age appropriate music. There is a young boy’s voice guiding the child through the game and providing instructions. I also love how Duck Duck Moose always includes little “Easter egg” type of characters and interactions in the backgrounds. Touching different character presents different animations. In the junkyard there is a purple dog who start barking when touched, for example.

As good as the game is there is one problem I have with it. Call me picky, but when you leave the game and come back to it it does not continue where you left off. Instead the game resets and your hold has to start over. So for example, if a parent gets a text message or email as the child is playing the game and wants to read that message the child has to start over when he or she goes back to the game. It is not paused as I would expect.

With that said, I still recommend “More Trucks.” It is a lot of fun and another winner from Duck Duck Moose. When I asked my son what his favorite game in the app as he replied “All of them!”

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