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Planning lunches for your kids can be challenging. Why not get the kids involved and empower them to make healthy choices? Lala Lunchbox lets kids plan their meals with your help.

★ Featured in The New York Times, Daily Candy, and Parenting! ★

LaLa Lunchbox provides you and your hungry little monsters with a fun, easy way to plan and pack lunch. LaLa Lunchbox is an engaging and educational experience for both kids and parents.

√ EMPOWER KIDS – They’ll love picking their own lunch.
√ SAVE MONEY – No more wasted, unwanted food.
√ SAVE TIME – Make grocery shopping a breeze.

★ Why do children love LaLa Lunchbox? ★

1. They have a voice in what’s packed for lunch.
2. They can personalize and design their lunch boxes with fun monsters and colors, and choose from a large selection of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and snacks.
3. It gives them another reason to use their parents’ iPhone.

★ Why do parents love LaLa Lunchbox? ★

1. The app eliminates the everyday stress around ‘What’s for lunch?’
2. It magically transforms kids’ choices into a simple, easy-to-use grocery list.
3. Using LaLa Lunchbox saves money because when kids have a say in their meals, less food is wasted and unwanted.

★ What are the key features? ★

1. Monsters and lunch boxes can be customized by kids.
2. Includes an extensive library of fruits, veggies, proteins & snacks.
3. Easily save any meal to a library of favorites.
4. One click sync between multiple iOS devices.
5. Parental control over food choices and lunchbox sizes.
6. Always updated, easy-to-use grocery shopping list.
7. Easily share favorite meals with friends via Twitter, Facebook, and email.

★ Why is LaLa Lunchbox a top ranked app in 29 countries? ★

√ “You’ll love the lunch-packing organization that LaLa Lunchbox provides. ” -Parenting.com
√ “A slick, fun little app that helps parents and children plan meals together.” -The New York Times
√ “A deliciously simple way to pack a balanced meal.” -DailyCandy.com
√ “She’ll enjoy playing with this app and feeling in control over what goes in her lunchbox.” -Tina Roth Eisenberg, Swiss-Miss.com
√ “The app is […] a no brainer way to get them engaged with lunch planning.” -Sarah Lacy, PandoDaily​.com
√ “Yes, please! LaLa Lunchbox […] lets kids plan their own lunches and teaches them to make smarter food choices.” -Maria Popova, @brainpicker

LaLa Lunchbox was created by an MBA mom and healthcare professional who was looking for a solution that would make planning lunches for her school-age daughter easier. It teaches children to make smarter food choices and helps them learn about advance planning.

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The Bottom Line

I heartily endorse anything that helps kids manage their own lives. The sooner we help them learn to control their lives; the better they’ll be able to handle making more important choices later. Making choices is a skill that we all need to practice. Lala Lunchbox is a really nice looking and easy to use kids lunch planner app.