Writing Magic Numbers Review

Writing Magic Numbers

Writing Magic Numbers | Price: $1.99

Writing Magic Numbers is a unique app which teaches number recognition, counting and writing numbers from 0-10 through a delightful, magical adventure. Many educational apps are heavily weighted towards either learning or play but Magic Numbers gets the balance just right.Children have a real purpose for practicing their math skills. They use number writing spells to turn the members of the court back into themselves after the King’s Magician accidentally changed them into frogs.

To do this, kids have to count the frogs, go to the spell book, choose the correct number and trace it correctly. The people and animals are then transformed. Once all the frogs have been changed, the game is not over.

There are two more levels where the silly Magician mixes up more spells so the animals and people lose their color and shrink. When all the levels are completed, children can explore the free-play mode, or re-set the app to start over again. Three game scenarios, and a variety of pathways through the game, keeps it fresh and interesting every time so children remain engaged and learning.

My students’ favorite scene is at the stables where they have to help the horses. Since all directions are spoken, non-readers can play independently. The child’s progress is automatically saved and you can change the settings to make the tracing more or less challenging.

The very responsive developers at Unit 11 have some nice updates planned, including watching the characters change in a puff of smoke.

Highly recommended for children aged 3-6 and their parents, teachers and occupational therapists. If you enjoy this app, you might want to check out the companion app, Writing Magic Letters : Kids learn to write, which has the same cast of characters with different challenges.

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Libby Curran has more than 20 years experience as a First Grade and Special Education teacher. The author of over a hundred engaging easy readers, she won national recognition for her work in early literacy as a 2012 People Magazine Teacher of the Year. Libby is dedicated to finding the very best apps to engage and motivate all children and help them to learn.