App Highlight: Video Monster – YouTube filtering app for kids

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Ever been frustrated by the fact, that you couldn't let your kids watch YouTube on their own? Because they either got distracted by strange comments or thrown to weird 'related' videos, that were not really suitable for their age? If so, then you might like this youtube filtering app for kids: Video Monster

It is for all those families with children from 2 – 12, that are going to find iPads under the christmas tree.

Parents know best what is good for their children, so they choose what the little ones should watch:

  • one tap opens VideoChooser, where you can put together your own personal video program for your children in lists. It’s incredibly fast and easy.
  • The Player (cute graphics included) lets children watch their videos without distraction, without ads and without those links to contents that's often not suitable for their age.-
  • You don't even have to search for videos yourself, as wie have included a great selection of videos for all ages.