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The most complete math game in the App Store! BrainNook is used in over 4000 classrooms and by over 100,000 kids, across the US and internationally: it's now available on the iPad for the first time! Comprehensively covers the curriculum used in your child’s school.

  • "The company is pioneering the next-generation of learning games for people under 10 years old." – Forbes

  • "A great thing to have available to teachers for extra credit." – TechCrunch

  • "A clever approach that is sure to improve efficiency and have a positive cumulative effect." – VentureBeat

  • "A brilliant virtual world for elementary students." – iLearnTechnology

  • "Top 10 Educational Game Sites" – Tech & Learning Magazine


If your child is using BrainNook in school, she can log in to the app with her BrainNook username and password. Her school teacher can track her performance from her teacher console as she plays through the app. And if your child's teacher gives her an assignment in one of the games that's included in this app, your child can complete the assignment right on the iPad!


The most comprehensive math app for your child is now available on the iPad! This app covers two complete sections from the Common Core State Standards for Grade 2 — a set of national standards used in schools across the US.

3 free games. 11 games available for purchase.


  1. "Basic Add and Subtract" (FREE!): Addition and Subtraction of numbers up to 20 (covers topic 2.OA.2 from the Common Core State Standards)

  2. "Advanced Addition" (FREE!): Addition of numbers up to 100, and addition of 10 or 100 to numbers up to 1000 (topics 2.NBT.5 and 2.NBT.8)

  3. "Number Place-ment" (FREE!): Understanding place value (topic 2.NBT.1)

  4. "Advanced Subtraction": Subtraction of numbers up to 100, and subtraction of 10 or 100 from numbers up to 1000 (topics 2.NBT.5 and 2.NBT.8)

  5. "Word Problem Plus Minus Advanced": Word problems involving addition and subtraction within 100 (topic 2.OA.1)

  6. "Add and Subtract": Mixed addition and subtraction within 100 (topic 2.NBT.5)

  7. "4 Number Addition": Addition of up to four 2-digit numbers (topic 2.NBT.6)

  8. "Add Subtract to 1000": Addition and subtraction of numbers up to 1000, including adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and 100 from three-digit numbers (topic 2.NBT.7)

  9. "Visual Evens and Odds": Visual estimation of whether a group of items has an even or odd number of items (topic 2.OA.3)

  10. "Even from the Odd": Distinguish between even and odd numbers; tell whether the result of an addition is an even or odd number (topic 2.OA.3)

  11. "Count Them All": Visually estimate the number of items shown in groups (topic 2.OA.4)

  12. "Words and Numbers": Be able to match numbers up to 1000 written as words and in digits (topic 2.NBT.3)

  13. "Complete the Sequence": Skip count by 5s, 10s and 100s (topic 2.NBT.2)

  14. "Right or Wrong": Compare three-digit numbers by comparing digits in the units, tens and hundreds place (topic 2.NBT.4)


  • "I am loving this site! It's really great and I can easily see how it could be effective with homeschooling my children." – Shirley P., Parent

  • "My entire 2nd grade class loves this site! It gets my struggling students interested in participating." – Kelly V., Teacher

  • "Probably the best Math website I have ever visited." – John, 10

  • "BrainNook has motivated my students to practice skills at home, something most would not otherwise voluntarily do." – Kevin G., West Virginia

  • "My students are better at math. They are more fluent, confident, and are making less mistakes." – April P., Missouri

  • "BrainNook has allowed me to have more one-on-one instructional time with my students." – Roger E., North Carolina