Best Apps About the Presidents

Election 2012Whether it’s election time or not, kids in the United States could probably use a little help learning their presidents. Here are some apps to help ease the learning process with a spoonful of sugary fun.

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It’s a quiz, it’s a puzzle game, it’s a funny American President trivia challenge. Learn amazing facts about the presidents while balancing shapes in this fun and well-done game.

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A mini-encyclopedia of US Presidents info. Beautifully designed, with great
graphics and a thorough set of facts and history. Especially good for 6th graders
and up.

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A rich interactive exploration of the presidents. Loaded with photos and stories,
music and facts. Presented in the form of a multimedia scrapbook.

Roadside Presidents

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Roadside Presidents | Price: $2.99

Wherever you go in the USA, you’re not far from an interesting presidential site.
From Abraham Lincoln’s Wedding Memorial to Teddy Roosevelt’s spittoon, it’s all
here in this ultimate presidents of the United States travel tool.

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Test your basic knowledge of each president of the United States with a matching/memory challenge. As you play, you’ll learn the names, faces and dates that go with each president.

Presidents vs. AliensĀ®

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Presidents vs. AliensĀ® | Price: $1.99

What if aliens were attacking the White House and the only way we could defend ourselves was with willpower and a firm knowledge of our forefathers? This app explores that alternate universe in a fun way. If your child likes a little extraterrestrial action mixed in with their history lessons, then this app is a winner.