A great new storybook for the younger set

Loopy Lost His Lettuce HD

Loopy Lost His Lettuce HD | Price: $2.99

Pixelflip Studios has just released a new interactive storybook called, Loopy Lost His Lettuce.

It’s a cute little story with an even cuter presentation. All the characters in the story were hand crocheted.Loopy Lost His Lettuce is an original story that will either read itself to your youngster or let you do the reading. If you choose to let the app do the storytelling, the voice is a pleasant younger reader from Australia (where Pixelflip is located). American children may have a bit of trouble with some of the words, but we all enjoyed listening to the young girl tell the story.

The story begins with a little snail, Loopy, who decides to eat a great green lettuce, his favorite food. Unfortunately, the lettuce rolls away before he can get to it. Loopy spends the rest of the story meeting friends along the way as he makes his way toward his goal.

Along the way there are several games the children will play in order to help Loopy. These range from simple matching games to a very clever hidden maze. The difficulty of the games can be set to Easy, Medium or Hard when starting the book.

The developer said that there were over 80 pieces of crochet made for the game. This gives the game a really unique look that my kids certainly enjoyed.

There are over 30 interactive pages and 6 games to play. I would say that this is most suitable for kids 3 to 5, but may entertain toddlers if an adult close by to help with some of the controls.

If you are looking for a new storybook to read to your kids, Loopy may be a great fit.