Kindle Fire is a Perfect Fit for Toddlers

There are big advantages to starting your toddler’s education early. Just a few years ago it was unheard of for toddlers to be learning to read or doing simple sequencing problems. Today it is expected that children know this by the time they enter Kindergarten. Kindergarten classes are not for learning social skills in our world today. Kindergartners are expected to know their alphabet, have counting skills and able to color in the lines. Preschool is the best place to learn these pre-kindergarten skills but what if that is not an option for your family? How can they learn what they need to know before starting elementary school? The answer just might be on your Kindle.

A tablet to help your child learn the basic skills? Yes! The Kindle Fire is the perfect size for your toddler to hold in their hands. It’s bigger than an iPhone so it is easier to navigate but not as big as the larger tablet that would be hard for them to handle. Public schools in some areas are introducing electronic learning in kindergarten. Computer classes are a normal part of many school’s curriculum.

Finding an appropriate app on your Kindle for toddlers is super easy. Many of the basic apps are free and there are plenty to choose from. Amazon has an awesome feature that will allow you to test drive some of the apps before you download them or buy them. Why take up space on your Kindle if your toddler is not interested in the app?

Kindle for toddlers’ features apps that specialize in teaching language skills, early math, colors, shapes and reading. Using the Kindle for your toddler is one of the easiest ways to teach them while entertaining them at the same time. Your toddler won’t even have to know that they are gaining a step up for kindergarten classes.

Another important step for a toddler is bonding time with family other than the mother. All family members or care givers can be involved with the Kindle for toddlers’ apps. It is a great time for sitting with the child, snuggled in your arms while they are preparing for their future education. Storybooks can be found on the Kindle, pre-school and toddler songs and nursery rhymes are also available. Do not underestimate the value of nursery rhymes before kindergarten. They are an essential part of reading and phonics that is being lost to our electronic generation of kids.

So what are you waiting for? If you have a Kindle or Kindle Fire and a toddler you have a match made in heaven! Start them on their educational journey today.

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