5 Unique Educational Apps for Kids

There are multiple educational apps available for kids via smartphones, tablets, and
computers, which range from free downloads through to paid content. However, sorting
through the choice available can often be difficult, especially when having to deal with issues
like platform compatibility and suitability for ages. The best educational apps help kids to
learn while still being fun, and can take on everything from basic cognition skills through to
more advanced creative abilities. The following list represents a survey of different apps for
kids, and covers both preschool and older targeted apps.

iWriteWords Lite

by 9,155 iTunes' users.

iWriteWords Lite | Price: FREE

This app tests out letters and word building skills, and is simple to use across different platforms. Children identify letters and words based on drawing strokes, which are then
matched up to images with sound effects. iWriteWords, which costs a few pounds, is available in different languages, and also covers numbers up to 20. Word selection is made in
upper and lower case, with animals used to further identify particular phrases. Effectively a way for kids to connect the dots when developing their vocabulary, the app also allows you to tilt your device after finishing, causing the letters and numbers to fall away.

Park Math - by Duck Duck Moose

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Park Math - by Duck Duck Moose | Price: FREE

An app that allows kids to count up to 50, Park Math offers various maths problems that involve different animals in a park. Developed by Duck Duck Moose, Park Math is a useful way of testing out kids’ problem solving skills, and is probably best for very young children. In terms of design, the app is colorful, and involves different patterns and cartoon characters. Some games include working out how many mice are needed to balance a seesaw, as well as sorting dogs and feeding hippos. Also comes in an iPad-only version: Park Math HD - by Duck Duck Moose

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Designed to help kids learn the periodic table, The Elementals is based on a Popular Science Magazine column, and represents an ideal way for older children to build up their chemistry knowledge. The graphic heavy app particularly stands out on the iPad, and involves games where users work out the components of elements based on characters, and their chemical components. More detailed information on each element is also available via database resource WolframAlpha. UK specific editions are also available for this app.

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An app that teaches kids about music through painting, Soundbrush involves drawing shapes on the screen, which are then played to create notes. Music can be created by using different instruments, and by setting different speeds, while using pentatonic and minor scales to test out musical knowledge. The app is recommended for kids that are learning an instrument, or just for people that want to play around with a mix of visuals and music.

Story Dice - ideas for writers

by 89 iTunes' users.

Story Dice - ideas for writers | Price: $1.99

A paid app, Story Dice is designed to encourage storytelling skills amongst children of different ages. The app generates different ideas and dice options, which are combined in order to create different stories. 118 pictograms are available for setting up different ideas, with the app providing journal writing challenges, and tests for writing characters and comprehending texts. Story Dice also allows users to collaborate with online friends to create stories, and ranks stories based on feedback.

Liam Ohm is a regular technology blogger with an interest in building technology for
kids. He recommends educational products from Rapid Online which provide the latest in children’s learning.