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Educational apps for kids are great. And they’re even better if they are educational apps disguised as fun apps. This way, not only will parents feel better about handing over their iPhone or iPad, but children will  learn when they think they’re just playing.

is one of those apps. It’s a colorful, fun app for your 2-5 year old that will also teach them letters, numbers, and spelling.

is a funky purple blimp with a top hat that your child controls as he floats over a vibrant, spinning earth. And there are two ways to control – either tap and drag him around the screen or tap a spot on the screen and will move there.

There are six games for numbers and letters that make up this app, as well as a spelling and memory game.

1. Your child will choose a letter. The letter floats through the air as a balloon, and as it is announced your child directs Mr. Blimp to it to pop it and then the letter is announced again.

2. The app is in control of the letters, in order. As the letter is collected by Mr. Blimp, it lights up at the top of the screen.

3. The ABC’s are all on the screen and as your child touches one, the app speaks the letter.

The series of games is repeated for the numbers.

4. Your little one gets to select a number. The number balloon glides by and as it is announced. Mr. Blimp needs to pop it and then the number is announced again.

5. Numbers 1 through 10 appear at the top of the screen and the balloons go in order.

6. The screen shows the 10 numbers and as they are touched, they are announced out loud.

Once your genius masters those games, the spelling game shows how letters can create a word. A picture is shown of an item – fruits and vegetables (for $0.99 you can purchase animal words) – then the letters appear one at a time. Again the letters are balloons and again needs to pop them.  If “All Words” is selected, then all of the fruits and vegetables appear and are spoken as touched.

The memory game – which consists of letters, numbers, or fruits and vegetables (again, buy animals for $0.99) – starts by showing you all of the cards quickly, and then they turn over. When your child finds a match, the item is repeated and made larger on the screen. To make it easy for younger players, you can choose to play with 6, 8 or 12 cards.

To make the app more personal, you can record your voice speaking all of the items. This way when you child play, they hear your voice instead. Other features allow you to turn the music off or turn the game sounds on and off. There is also a help button to help you learn more about the game.


  • Fantastic, colorful graphics.
  • Perfect for introducing little ones to the alphabet and their numbers.
  • Great price.
  • Parents and children will like the ability to record your own voice.


  • It would be nice if the numbers went higher than 10.
  • I am not a big fan of in-app purchases in kid apps and there is an in-app purchase of additional words for $0.99.
  • May be more appropriate for children 2-4.

To learn more about the developer, Kiwi Games, visit their website (it is in Russian, but you can have it translated). They can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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