LeapPad 2 vs iPad, Which one is best?

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Are you thinking about purchasing a tablet for your child to use? The most popular tablet computer is of course the iPad, and the number one gaming tablet geared specifically to kids is the newly updated LeapFrog console, the LeapPad 2. Let us break down the differences between LeapPad 2 vs iPad and help you determine which is the right option for you and your family.

Maybe you already have an iPad and are tired of sharing it with a 4-year-old, or maybe you just want to have to stop worrying about whether or not your kid will drop or damage it. Perhaps you are thinking of getting into the tablet realm for the first time. The first question to be answered is are you looking to purchase something that you will use as well? If it is a first-time tablet purchase, and you do not want to buy both, then definitely go for an iPad- the LeapPad 2 is not for adults. If you already own an iPad or are looking at buying both, then here is what you need to consider.

Kid-Friendly Durability
The LeapPad 2 is made specifically for children aged 3 to 9 years, and is durably built for the purpose. You do not need to keep an ever-watchful eye in case it looks in danger of slipping out of little hands. It will take bumps and scrapes without stopping your heart for an instant. That is not to say it is indestructible however; care does need to be taken and freak accidents can happen. You can toughen it up even more by purchasing a screen protector and gel skin.

The iPad is durable, but not necessarily able to stand up to being hurled against a wall by a frustrated toddler. If you do want just an iPad though, and are worried about the handling, purchase a screen protector and choose from any of the scores of protective case options available. If you are willing to chance it, your iPad probably will survive.

the LeapPad 2 comes in at around a quarter of the price of an iPad. Of course, with the higher price tag the iPad comes with the incredible clarity of the Retina screen and lightning fast processing, not to mention expanded functionality- it can essentially replace computers and laptops for most people. Apps and games on the iPad will generally be much cheaper than on LeapPad 2- you can choose from seemingly unlimited options that are free or under $1. LeapPad 2 games can run at $15 a pop. While the iPad is charged by plugging it in, you will either need to constantly replace batteries or buy the extra adaptors or recharging packs for the LeapPad 2, adding yet more to the long-term price tag.

The iPad is a better piece of kit all-around, but sharing it with young children can be a tiresome, not to mention stressful experience. When it comes down to LeapPad 2 vs iPad the solution is fairly simple: if it is for both of you, then iPad; if it is just for the kids, LeapPad 2; but if you can buy both then you have the best of both worlds.

The Bottom Line

The iPad


  • Faster
  • More apps available
  • App prices range from FREE to $5 ea. (for most educational apps)
  • Can play movies, music, netflix, etc.
  • Parents can use it too


  • More expensive initially (evens up if you buy apps)
  • More fragile (need a case to protect it)
  • No built-in web filter

The LeapPad 2


  • Less expensive
  • Very durable
  • Lots of apps available
  • Can use rechargeable or regular batteries
  • Very Kid Friendly


  • Apps are expensive $25+
  • Not for parents
  • Uses batteries

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