Kid CBT*ABC Way – App Review

PRICE: $6.99

Not all apps are fun and games, or even educational. Some apps are developed to help people.

Kid CBT*ABC is that type of app. Designed to help children and their counselor work together to change the child’s outlook to a more positive, effective one.

CBT stands for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. And ABC stands for Antecedent (situation) Belief (thoughts) Consequences (feelings).

The app starts off with a disclaimer that states “this app can help you practice what your counselor teaches you when you meet with him or her”. Then it begins by asking the child to state “what’s going on?”. The child must enter a situation that they are working on with their counselor, or just a problem they are having. The next page is where the child will write down three separate thoughts they feel about the situation.

After that, the child is asked to rate how they feel. They are given feelings to choose from – sad, angry, confused, scared or worried. They need to pick three feelings and then rate their feelings from 1 (happy) to 5 (sad).

The app then shows “fact-checkers” – Truth, Facts, Clues, and Data – and asks the child to think of these things when they need reasoning thoughts.

The next page wants the child to come up with three new reasoning thoughts about the situation, and then the child needs to rate his or her feelings one more time. Hopefully this time the numbers will be different and more on the 1 side.

Finally you tap the suns on the screen for some positive messages, such as “You did it” and “Good job”.

Some additional features of the app include the ability to view, email or print the child’s work. The app also does not store and collect user data and information, which is good for privacy.

The purpose of this app is to teach children, who are in some sort of counseling, how to handle situations when they’re alone. It wants kids to pay more attention to their upsetting thoughts. The goal is for them to challenge those negative thoughts and come up with new, reasonable and truthful thoughts.


  • I think the app is great for children to change they way they think and try to be more positive.
  • Seems like it would be a good tool for counselor their patient to work with.


  • It is an expensive app at $6.99.
  • After using the app, it seems like it should have more features, especially for the price.

For more information about the developer, TikalBayTek, Inc, visit their website. Be sure to read about their other apps – Teen CBT*ABC and Adult CBT*ABC. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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