5 Great Childrens’ iPad Cases


If your child has an iPad, you either have a case or are looking for one. Cases not only protect the device itself, but in some cases make it easier to use and hold. We’ve tried several for our kids, but here are some ones that we think are the best.

GRIPCASE FOR iPad 2nd & 3rd Generation

The GripCase is a rubbery case that is thick enough to protect the iPad and gives your child a handle to carry it with. This is most suitable for younger kids. The handles are very strong and easy to hold for small hands. These cases have been successfully used in classrooms. Comes in several colors.


KaysCase KidBox for iPad 2 & 3

Here’s another case with a nice built in handle. The material is soft and rubbery. Not only does the handle give the child a place to carry the iPad, but it doubles as a stand to make the iPad easier to see when lying flat on a table or desk. The volume and off buttons are accessible with this case. This case comes in several colors.


Griffin Survivor Military Duty Case for iPad 2&3

It’s military grade – I can only assume that it’s kid-grade too. This is a very sturdy rubbery case that is a little heavier that the other two. It does come with a screen protector as well. Some have said that the screen protector make the screen slightly less responsive to touch. This case has a kick stand as well, but it only works in portrait mode. The buttons are accessible, but the speaker is covered. This may be a good thing for the parents. If you use the video connection kit for the iPad, the case has to be removed to plug it in — this could be a downside.


Speck iGuy for all iPads

This is a really cute case that provides rubbery protection, handles and stands up on its own. Speck, the manufacturer, makes really great cases for all of the Apple products. It’s made of a light foamy material (similar to Crocs). Some have reported an unpleasant smell when new (also similar to Crocs), but it wears off quickly. This foam cover is thick enough that if the iPad falls on its face that the screen doesn’t touch the floor, which is great. The only complaint I’ve heard is that it can be hard to get the charging cable into the case as it has to go under one of the arms and through the foam. With a little practice, this should be easy.


Speck ComfyShell Case for iPad 2&3

This is a great case for older kids. It’s rubbery and provides a great gripping material for carrying the iPad. It also has this little beanbag that slides onto the back of case. The beanbag makes it great for holding in your lap or using it on a desk. If only the beanbag were a little thicker, it would hold the iPad up for watching movies on a desk or airplane tray. As it is, it provides a decent viewing angle when on a desk. Both of our kids love this case. It only comes in black. All of the buttons are accessible and it’s easy to plug a charging cable into it.