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When children reach a certain age, no matter what you’ve taught them and not matter what kind of guilt/fear stuff you’ve instilled in them, one day they are going to try to get something past you. Sometimes it’s as innocent as I snuck a cookie into my room when you weren’t looking. Hopefully it’s not I’ve poisoned the neighbors cat and then buried it in the yard.

Sneaky Sam is the snuck a cookie kind of kid. He plays little tricks on his mom, friends, some pigeons and even his cat. But Sam is harmless and cute. Which is why he has his own app.

Sneaky Sam is a children’s app available for your iPad or iPhone for $2.99. Meet Sam and his friends Cooper and Harriett, and his pets Max and Suki.

First there is the story of Sam, which your child can read themselves or have the narrator read it. The narration is by an Australian actor named Felix Williamson. For those of you not familiar, his voice was also used in movies like Happy Feat and Babe: Pig in the City.  When the story is narrated, there is more animation to the story than if it is read by your child. But the reading level is good for early readers.

After the story of Sam, your child can play the three games the app features – Stickers, Matching Pairs, and Find Sam.

Stickers is a fun little activity for youngsters. You start with a blank page – but there is an option to change the background color – and there are 72 stickers to choose from featuring Sam, all his friends, and different items from the story. Simply select a sticker and add them to your sticker page by tapping the screen. Add as many of one sticker as you want, or select more. Your child can save to the devices’s photo stream or you can email it to someone. The email option is cute if your child wants to print their creation. The Sneaky Sam website also features a sticker gallery, where you can send your child’s masterpiece to be displayed for all to see.

Next is a memory game called Matching Pairs. There are 8 cards featuring Max and his friends. Play as much as you like, the cards will change position after each game.

Finally your child can Find Sam. There are two pages of Sam’s home and Sam is hiding somewhere, but so are his friends. The goal is to find Sam by tapping each object to show the hiding character. If it is Sam, the game will end, but the characters will move around and hide again allowing more play.

Sneaky Sam is a great app for kids 3-7. Younger kids may not quite understand the “sneakiness” of the story. When I first read it, I kind of thought Sam was mean, but when my 6 year old read it, she thought he was a jokester.  And he is, and the story ends nicely showing that Sam just wants what every kid wants – love from his parents.


  • The graphics are really cool. They’re not typical for a kid app, but they’re colorful and fun. My daughter loved them.
  • There are cute sound effects to go along with each character.
  • The story and the games will keep your child entertained for the perfect amount of time – not too long and not too short.
  • The app’s website has more features – wallpaper for your iPad, iPhone, and even your computer. They also have printouts for you to print and your children to color.
  • My daughter is excited for me to submit her sticker page to the website.


  • When it comes to kid’s apps, I try to limit it to either free ones, or $0.99 ones. $2.99 is a bit high.
  • It would be nice if there were a few stories to read. The characters are so cute, it would be nice to see more of them.

To find out more about Sneaky Sam, visit the developer’s website and Facebook page.

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