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PRICE: $0.99

When your two-year old grabs your iPhone or iPad, you hope that they’ll fall in love with games that will educate them, as well as entertain them. You also hope that they don’t drop your precious gadget.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is sure to keep your child’s attention, while teaching them things like colors and numbers. What more can you ask for for $0.99?

Seven games make up this app with unlimited fun. And in each of the seven games, the monkey asks you to select certain fruit to fill his lunchbox. At the end of a group of games, kids will be able to pick a sticker and stick it to a board and they can collect them all.

The games consist of:

  1. Colors – help the monkey pick only fruit of a certain color to put in his lunchbox.
  2. Matching – match pairs of fruit for the monkey’s lunch.
  3. Counting – count off pieces of fruit as the monkey counts off.
  4. Letters – pick the fruit that starts with a specific letter.
  5. Puzzle – help put a piece of fruit back together with a little help from the monkey.
  6. Spot the difference – find the fruit that looks different. Teaches size.

This app is great for teaching kids basic number, color and letter skills. And children will love that the adorable monkey cheers them on as they play and gets excited and does flips when they get something correct. If they do something wrong, the monkey will let them know and the app gives them unlimited tries to get it right.

The app does not have any instructions or navigation, but for young children it seems to be a good thing – nothing to confuse them. The app starts, the monkey asks you to do something, and the games flow into each other and go on and on. The games switch each time, so even though the seven games repeat, the variables change – the letter, the fruit, the number, etc.


  • It’s a great app for the $0.99 price tag.
  • A fun way for children to learn their letters, colors, numbers, matching, sizes and shapes.
  • Cute graphics.


  • Although the developers advertise the app for ages 2-5, I would change that to 2-4 would be more accurate.
  • The sound some times break up a little.
  • Older children may be a bit frustrated that you cannot skip a game.

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox is available for the iPhone and iPad. To check out more about it and other games by the developer, Thup, head over to their website. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

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