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Five Star Review


PRICE: $4.99

MoMA Art Lab for the iPad was recently released by MoMA (The Museum of Modern Art in New York). Our family reviewed this app this past week and there are many things we really love about it and a few things we just do not like.  This app is educational and also very artistic.  I think that young children will learn a lot about how art is created by being exposed to this app at an early age.

Most kids love to make messy art projects. This app helps you take the mess out of your masterpiece.  The free play, art creation area is wonderful! There is a blank canvas.  On the blank canvas, you can change your background color, and then create anything in the world, using pens, shapes, colors, and much much more.  We created many amazing works of art.  All the pictures you create can be added to your art gallery.  You can have an art show, of all your work, just like they do in real art galleries.

There are also 6 activity options in the Art Lab App.

1. Create a sound composition.  Here, you have an almost 3D picture with 11 different sounds at the bottom.  You can drag each sound to a different part of the picture and then when you touch that part of the picture you hear that sound.  Really cool for the under 5 group!

2. Create a Chance Collage.  On this activity, you are given a set of 12 shapes. You place the shapes you want, into the center square, then shake the iPad and the pieces fall in different places each time you shake the iPad.  This activity is fun for a short period of time in the under 5 age group also.

3. Draw with Scissors.  For some kids, cutting is very difficult.  With this activity, you are using a virtual scissors and tracing over a line with your finger, while the scissors cuts out your picture.  There are 9 different shapes to cut out.  After you cut out your shape, it appears in the free draw board and you can use it in your masterpiece.  This activity appeals to the 7 and under crowd.

4.  Create a line design.  This activity is awesome!  You choose one of 4 templates which you then fill with colorful tape.  You can choose 3 color groups for each tape sequence.  It is so much fun to pull your finger around as the tape dispenses and make an amazing picture.  This activity can appeal to any age person and I dare you to only do it for less than 5 minutes!

5.  Create an Exquisite Corpse.  This activity is strange.  You are faced with 3 blank pages.  On the first page you are asked to draw a head and a body.  The second page the body.  The third page legs and feet.  The final page puts all the parts of your “body” or “corpse” together.  We did not like this activity.  So usually we just skip it or do not choose it.  I think this activity might appeal to teens.

6. Create a shape poem.  In this activity you are given a string collage with many intersecting strings.  You use your finger and follow along one string and push next.  Then you are given 20 words you can use to describe your line.  On the final page the words are said  that you chose, and describe your line.  This activity is also kind of weird.  No one in our house chose it more than once.  It might appeal to people who like poetry, I am just not sure about it.

I think this app would appeal to all ages.  Everyone in our house loved the free draw area.  Each person made many masterpieces and put them in our family gallery.  The app is so versatile because it allows you to chose colors, shapes, sizes, designs.  You never get tired of creating different art masterpieces.


  • The app is great for all ages, a really great family option.
  • There are no advertisements and no in-app purchases.
  • Graphics are very appealing. The art pops out at you and pulls you in as you create new pages.
  • Great way for children to understand the fundamentals of art and how to go about creating a piece of art.


  • The app is expensive.  At $4.99 I am afraid most people would not want to spend that much money on one app.  I do think it is more than worth it though!
  • You need to just ignore the stranger activities and enjoy yourself in the free play area.
  • The app is only about art.  If you are looking for this app to do something other than give you a lot of enjoyment in an artistic way, look somewhere else.

Our family overall gives this app 5 stars.   It is really a lot of fun and we are still enjoying it a week after purchasing it.

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