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Four Star Review


PRICE: $1.99

Little Digits is an educational app that appeals to children of many ages. The idea behind the little digits iPad app is to associate counting on your fingers with what each number represents and what the number also looks like.

All kids love to count on their fingers. This app helps you take counting on your fingers a step further. The first thing you must do before starting to use the app is to shut of the multitasking gestures under “settings”. Once you do this, you are free to enjoy the whole app.

There are 3 basic areas of the Little Digit App.
1. Counting on your fingers up to 10. As the app starts it shows a large number zero. The 0 stays on the screen until your child puts a fingertip down. If they put down one finger the zero changes to a one. They can count and see what any number looks like up to 10.
2. Do addition problems up to 10. The problem appears at the top and the child needs to figure out the answer. All the problems are very easy, 2+1, 4+5 etc…
3. Do simple subtraction problems. This is probably my favorite part of the app. The problem appears at the top of the page and shows for instance 7-3. So the child first puts 7 fingertips down on the page and then slowly takes away 1 finger at a time until 3 fingers are removed. Then they see that 7-3 is 4.

I think this app would appeal on its most basic level to a child as young as 1. Counting and associating the number 1 with one finger is basic. The addition and subtraction component can appeal to a child as old as 8. My two children who are 4 and 8 both enjoyed this app very much. My 8 year old is very good at math and even though he knows all the problems, he still had fun seeing it appear before his eyes and with using his fingers. This app would be wonderful for those children who have difficulty understanding math, counting, and number recognition. It really is great for a preschool aged child.


  • The app is reasonably priced at $2.99.
  • There are no advertisements and no in-app purchases.
  • Graphics are very appealing. Each number has eyes and looks alive. Kids love numbers with personality!
  • Great way for children to understand what the numbers represent without realizing they are learning.


  • The app is somewhat limited and does not have a 2 player button which would make the app great for older kids since you could then count up to 20.
  • You need to know how to shut off the multitasking gestures. Some people might not understand how to do that.
  • The app is really fun, but it has a very limited enjoyment factor. After about 5 minutes, the kids are ready to stop and move on.

Our family overall gave this app 4 stars. The four year old gave it 5 stars and the 8 year old gave it 3 stars so overall, a solid 4 from us.

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Sara graduated from Boston University with two degrees in Education. Once her first child was born she left the teaching world and has been a busy stay at home Mom for the past 16 years. Raising 4 boys and 1 girl is a full time job but it is a job she loves. Sara thinks that using the IPad as an educational tool is a wonderful way for the kids to learn without even realizing it. She lives in Maryland with her husband and 5 kids. When they are not learning on the Ipad they are usually cooking a new healthy recipe. Sara loves reading, writing, technology, and experimenting with healthy ingredients. Sara’s blog address is