6 Kids iPad Apps That Adults Will Love

You love Angry Birds and so does your seven year old. There are lots of iPad apps meant for adults that kids love and there are just as many kids iPad apps that adults find themselves playing for hours. Except it’s not so cool to admit it. Well I am here to admit it, I love Talking Tom and I don’t care who knows it.

And there are others. Here’s a quick list of some apps that may be intended for children, but adults can have fun with them as well.

1. iMimic

If you’re a child of the 80’s then you know what Simon is. That electronic game with the bright colors and the disapproving sounds when you didn’t follow Simon’s commands. Well Simon is back…sort of.  iMimic is free app for your iPad and iPhone. Just like the old school game, the app has the player repeat the sequence of tones and lights. The better you get, the faster it goes and you have two chances to get the sequence correct. iMimic also allows you to share your scores on Facebook and Twitter. The app is fun and free, but there are in-app purchases.

2. Where’s My Water?

This is one of my daughter’s favorite games. And, sadly, she is better at it than I am. The premise of the game is guide water through a series of pipes to help Swampy the alligator take a shower. There are three stories and three separate games with more than 350 puzzles. While the water flows, you can collect items to unlock more puzzles and levels The app is $0.99 and will now sync across multiple iOS devices.

3. Talking Tom 2

He’s back. And he now has a friend. Everyone’s favorite talking cat has a new and improved version of his app. New features include the ability to customize his appearance by buying him clothes and accessories – which can be bought with coins that you either buy or you get by opening the app daily or allowing push notifications. Tom has also moved out of the alley and has a neighbor, Ben, who likes to fart, scare Tom, and hit him with a pillow. And now you can poke Tom, slap him, pull his tail. Tom will also play with the original Talking Tom app and will repeat himself. Fun for all and it’s free.

4. Cat Jokes!

Ok, it’s a little silly. But if you’re a cat lover, you’ll get a kick out of this app. It’s simple – a series of cat jokes with colorful graphics. Click the orange question mark for the punchline and be prepared to at least chuckle. It’s free, but there is an ad-free version for $0.99. You can also share your favorite jokes via email, Twitter or Facebook. Want a little peak? “What’s a French cat’s favorite pudding? Chocolate Mousse”.

5. Highlights Hidden Pictures Countdown-Duo

This free app contains 33 puzzles (4 are free, the rest you have to purchase) for players to find hidden objects in pictures. There are three ways to play – Level Up, Showdown, and Duo Pop. Level Up is where you play against the clock. Showdown allows you to play against up to 6 other people. And Duo Pop requires you to purchase answer joysticks that cost $40. The pictures are animated and cute. And again, sadly, my daughter was way better at this than I was.

6. Build Cars With Edward & Arthur

For the child and adult that loves to build, this app has the user create cars – in as many variations as they want – and then race them around the virtual track. The 3D graphics and realistic sound are great and worth the $1.99 price tag. While playing, you can collect stars that unlock more car parts and additional tracks. But be aware – the app does not work on the original iPad, but all other iOS devices.

That’s it from us. As a parents are there any other kids apps not listed here that you enjoy playing?

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