7 Back to School iPad Apps That We Recommend

Parents everywhere are getting excited and going around singing “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”. That’s right, it’s back to school time.

But back to school means more than buying school supplies and making sure junior makes the bus, it also means homework, studying and tests. And there are plenty of iPad apps to help you and your little ones brush up on all things education.

Check out these 7 Back to School apps:

Chalk Walk

Chalk Walk

Price: $0.99

by 32 iTunes' users.

Any parent of a kindergartner knows that perfecting handwriting can be a challenge. This app is great for encouraging fine motor skills. It helps your child learn how to write by giving their hands the exercises they need to use their thumbs and finger pincer grip.  Chalk Walk uses tracing lines that bend and twist as your child is “drawing” on a sidewalk through unique towns. Kids collect puzzle pieces and prizes until they make their way to Silly Town, where they can create their own designs. The app also has a left hand option.

As parents, we know that homework isn’t always work for the kids alone. Parents need to help and there is nothing worse than your child asking for help with their homework and you have no idea how to explain a possessive pronoun. School A to Z is an app for mom and dad. It features more than 350 definitions of terms and illustrations, along with how-to videos. Some features are ‘Technology A to Z’ , which explains technical terms and trends. There is also ‘Spelling Bee Game’ for the kids that includes 3 levels and tracks their progress. ‘Maths Monkey Times Table’ allows the user to choose a number and then a timed multiplication quiz starts. A great feature of the app is ‘Assignment Starters’ for common class assignments, which gives parents and students tips to start a specific project.

MathBoard | Price: $4.99
by 645 iTunes' users.

MathBoard is designed to help elementary school children with addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, cubes, and square root. You, as a parent, can control the range of numbers, the amount of questions and even the time limit. When your child gets an answer wrong, the app will review and explain it. Reference tables are included.

| Price:

Everyone loves a good spelling bee and now you can create your own at home. My Spelling Test allows your child to practice different words, including those your child gets in their homework. The spelling test involves listening to the word – and when you add your own words, you record them – spell the word in the input box and then see instantly if the answer is correct. After the test, everything is saved so you can see how your child did. The test results can also be emailed. Just a note – if you’re using an iPod Touch for this app, you will need to attach a microphone.

Number Line
Number Line | Price: FREE
by 690 iTunes' users.

For older students, Number Line will help them learn fractions, decimals, and percents by ordering the equivalents on a number line. There are multiple levels in which the user needs to drag circles with percent, decimals or fractions onto a number line in the correct sequence. Your child will be scored on the time it takes to complete correctly.

Wikipedia | Price: FREE
by 55,882 iTunes' users.

Long gone are the days of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Today we have Wikipedia and even better, Wikipedia Mobile. Everyone’s favorite reference guide app has more than 20 million articles in 280 languages. The app allows you to save articles for future or offline use. You can also share articles.

| Price:

Still haven’t found what you need? That’s easy, just download KinderTown. It’s an app that is used to find great educational apps for kids ages 3-8. According to the developer’s website, “Each app we select for KinderTown has been tested and reviewed by educators, parents, and most importantly, children.” It contains a learning map to guide you. Or you can search by subject, age, or price. You can share your favorites and feel good about knowing you’re getting the best apps for your children.

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