Kids App Giveaway: Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat

Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat

Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat is an interactive kids iPad storybook brought to you from the fine folks at Wales Interactive. The app follows the delightful story of Mrs Sprat, a sprat pretending to be a cat! The story is well thought out and as your young ones read along there are various mini-games and task that will keep them entertained and engaged.

It’s a really fun story that I have to admit, put a big smile on my face. As a tool for helping kids in the 3-5 years age group get a start on reading, this app succeeds.

Today, we’ve got 5 promo codes to giveaway for Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat. If you would like a copy of the app for free (normally $3.99), please leave a comment below.

If you miss out on the giveaway, you can always purchase the app by clicking on the App Store link below:

Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat - Wales Interactive Ltd.

From iTunes:

Mrs Sprat Next Doors Cat is a brilliantly entertaining children’s interactive story and activity book. Featuring a funny rhyming story with lots of games and tasks which will keep your kids entertained time and time again. This App provides a great way to promote reading in young children and keep them engaged with the variety of touch screen tasks as you progress through the story.

“She likes lapping her milk from her favourite dish,
But can’t anybody see that she’s really a fish?
She plays like a kitten and paws various things,
but it’s hard to play with wool when you’ve only got fins!”

•Funny Cartoon Characters & Animation
•Lots of simple games & activities including – Finger Colouring, Dressing Up, Jigsaw Puzzle, Cat Piano, Wool Throwing and Hide & Seek.
•Read to Me – listen to the narrated story
•Read it Myself – read the book in its traditional form
•Custom audio for each screen
•Professional audio narration

Good luck!