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Parents know that reading is one of the most important things you can do with your child. And one of the great perks of owning an iPad or iPhone is that they can store many books, including books you can share with your child. There are also many apps that are interactive books for you or your child to read. One interactive book app – which is also a 3D pop-up book – is Cinderella 3D Pop-Up Fairy Tale.

Designed by Clue Pop for children ages 3-9, this app features the classical Cinderella story as written by Charles Perrault. You can select to read the book yourself or have it narrated to you. The narrated voice is a tiny bit computerized, but the kids might not mind. Along with the story, there are pages of pop-up scenes with “RPG – character role-playing game”. This breaks up the book for your little one, so they don’t get too bored just listening to the 38 pages of the story. Tasks for your child include things like: “help Cinderella mop the floor”, “help the fairy god mother find a pumpkin and mice”, and “try the glass slippers on the girl’s feet”.  Most of them are simple touch and drag activities, which are easy for even the youngest reader. And they are a cute way to enhance the story. Older kids will enjoy reading the classic book along with the cute music.

Although the developers categorized the app for ages 3-9 and I am not too sure it will keep the attention of 9 year olds; maybe 7 or 8 year olds. My 6 year old did enjoy this app, especially the in-between activities. And kids of all ages will like that they can control the movement of the book – if they want to read the story only, they can skip the activities or vice versa. After Cinderella and the prince live “happily every after”, there are two more games to play. Your child can help Cinderella find things she needs for her wedding to the prince. And then use a wheel to match Cinderella’s head to her body, so she can be with her prince.



  • A great way for your child to read the story of Cinderella.
  • You can read the story to your child, or they can have it narrated using the app by themselves.
  • The activities are fun for your kids and a nice enhancement to the book.


  • The graphics are ok, nothing too impressive.
  • The music is cute, but a little repetitious. But you can turn the music off if you wish.
  • The narrated voice is a tiny bit robotic.

Download Cinderella at the iTunes App Store – be aware, there are seperate versions for the iPhone and iPad. Also check out the app’s preview video at You Tube and the developer’s Facebook page. And stay tuned for versions with Puss in Boots and Thumbelina.

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