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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! And an app that centers around ice cream is sure to make your child scream. And it’s free, which will make you scream with joy.

Bamba Ice Cream is one of three children’s apps developed by Mezmedia. The other apps are Bamba Pizza and Bamba Pizza Fourth of July (along with a series of infant and toddler apps).

Bamba Ice Cream allows your child to run their own ice cream parlor. And really, who doesn’t want to run their own ice cream parlor!

To start, the tin lids need to be removed from the bins and ice cream added. You can pick the flavors – choices include chocolate, raspberry swirl, anchovy, rainbow, and princess – and then pick the toppings – choices include chocolate sprinkles, wafer cones, fairy sprinkles, and a mystery topping.

Now you’re ready to open the store. Click the sign to open to hear everyone cheer.

After you’re open, down comes the menu. Your customer can choose between a cone, cup, basket, banana split, or waffle. Drag your favorite ice cream flavors and toppings from the tins.

And while the app may be free, the ice cream isn’t. You’ll have to ring up your customer at the register by entering in the price and then dragging the money from the coin purse. Don’t worry, the app is perfect for little kids and doesn’t require any counting.

Don’t forget to enjoy your yummy ice cream – click on the treat and watch the ice cream disappear bite by bite. When you’re finished, everyone says “Mmmmmm”.

The graphics and the sound effects of the app are adorable. My daughter loved choosing the flavors and toppings and making the ice cream. And while, I was a little bored after the first two rounds of this game, she went on to play for a while. And as parents, sometimes that is all we ask.

The only negative thing I found was that occasionally an ad for their Bamba Pizza app will pop up. It didn’t bother me, but of course any child is going to want to try that app and it’s $1.99. But try the Bamba Pizza Fourth of July app, it’s free.

It’s not an educational app, but it’s definitely cute, wholesome fun for your child. Plus you can’t beat the price and there are no advertisements.


  • Great graphics. Your kids will love all of the colors.
  • Cute sound effects.
  • Free to download and there are no ads.


  • Features an in-app purchase of one of the developer’s other apps.
  • Would probably keep kids attention even longer if there were more flavors and toppings.

Download Bamba Ice Cream at the iTunes App Store and find Mezmedia on Twitter and Facebook.

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