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There is no denying it, kids love apps. If they didn’t, everyone here at iKidApps wouldn’t have a job. But while your children are being entertained by your smart phone or tablet, I am certain you would prefer that they are actually learning something useful. And not just bird-throwing skills.

The fine folks at Agnitus realize this and have created a fantastic app called Learning Games for Preschool and Kindergarten.

Available for your iPad or iPhone, Learning Games is a comprehensive app that features 6 fun games for your 2-5 year old:

  • Colors – 11 colors for children to recognize and match
  • Shapes – 11 shapes to identify and match
  • Numbers – basic counting skills
  • Letters – recognizing letters and words
  • Memory – finding like items
  • Shape & Number Sorting – sort shapes and numbers in order

What stands out about this app is that that games advance, and get more difficult, as your child progresses. When it sees that your little genius has mastered a certain level, it will open a new, previously unlocked, level.

Agnitus ReportsThis works well for a few reasons. One, you want your child to be challenged. Rather than downloading a new game app every time little Billy has learned all of his letters or numbers, this app will intuitively grow with your child. Another reason I like this feature is because if a child already knows all of  the shapes, they will get bored of the same old game. The Learning Games app will keep them engaged, not allowing boredom.

For parents, the app provides a Report Card to show your child’s progress. The report card is in-app, but you can select to have it emailed to you. It is a very detailed report that allows you to see exactly which shapes, colors, and foods your child knows and doesn’t know. You can also view their performance level, see just how much time they have spent using the app, and their achievements.

And if you’re the type of parent who loves to brag about how smart your child is, under Activity, you can share on Facebook and rub it in everyone’s face. People love that.’

The app and the report card also support multiple children, so you can set it up for all of your kids to play and track their progress separately.

The app’s Curriculum Map is pretty impressive. It gives an overview of the skills your child is learning, has learned, andAgnitus Curriculumwill learn. It covers everything from Reading and Writing to Foundational Skills and Developmental Readiness.

One feature (among many) that I think shows that the developers really put much thought into this app, is that in order to access the report card you have to click and hold for 3 seconds. This keeps your child from going in there and playing around.

Oh, you don’t think your child can figure out how to change the settings? Well, I played with this app for quite a bit while my 6 year old was in camp. Later on I showed it to her and allowed her to play while I watched and she found other features and played with things that I never saw. I probably shouldn’t be bragging about that.

Since my daughter is recently out of the app’s demographic – she just turned 6 – I thought she would be bored quickly, but she loved it.  The graphics are adorable  and the characters – Olly and Icky – are quite loveable.

Agnits GamesLearning Games is not all education, all of the time. There are some games that allow “fun play”. One, where you give Icky a bath, was definitely my 6 year old’s favorite. When you click on the radio on the floor, it plays music and Icky dances. In one dance, the floor lights up in colorful tiles, a disco ball appears and Icky turns into John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever. I’m not sure what that says about her; it could be her age. Or it could be that she’s just not that bright. I’ll be sure not to share that on Facebook.

All kidding aside, I really liked this app. More importantly, so did my daughter. It did a great job holding her interest, which any parent knows, can make or break an app.


  • Currently the app is free.
  • There are no advertisements and no in-app purchases.
  • Graphics are vibrant and colorful, keeping kids engaged.
  • Breaks in educational games are entertaining.
  • The comprehensive Report Card shows you exactly what your child is learning.


  • The app name is too long and not at all “catchy”.
  • Some features switch from landscape to portrait.
  • When app opens, it goes right into the game, not the main menu.
  • The main menu is just images and no words or titles.

Download Agnitus at the iTunes App Store and find them on Facebook, Twitter, and You Tube.

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