Kids Movies App Helps You Find Best Kids Movies

How many times have you sat down to watch a movie with your kids, and regardless of the PG rating, been a little shocked by the subject matter, language or violence? While parents typically trust movie ratings, there’s really no way to be sure just what’s in a flick, ’til you watch it yourself. Until now.

A new app, Kids Movies, provides parents with a list of G-rated movies, and G-rated only. Organized into a unique set of categories, like different types of animals, sports, toys and more, parents can quickly look up family-safe movies based on their kids’ interests. While the quick reference of movies is convenient, the app also provides access to movie posters and trailers to let families preview what they’re going to watch. And what if the film you want isn’t available at Red Box? You can order it from Amazon through direct links in the app.

While the app is a neat idea, it’s currently priced at $3.99, which seems little high to us for an app of this nature. Let us know: is quick access to kid-friendly films worth the price tag, or will you wait for a sale?