Best Art Apps for Summer Fun

best art appsThe kids are almost out of school, the weather’s heating up – and you’ve got a house full of young ones to keep occupied all day long. After the swims have been swum and the swings outside have swung, iPhone and  iPad art apps can give kids a creative outlet while letting Mom take a break in the air conditioning. Not to mention, the best iPad art apps are an awesome alternative when you’re just not in the mood to wipe finger paint off the kitchen table. Here are a few of our picks for the best iPhone and iPad art apps that your little Monet is sure to love.

123 Color Talking Color App
Price: $0.99
Younger children will have a great time coloring, and learning their colors, letters and numbers in this coloring-based app. The app presents kids with an interface of outlines, and letters or numbers in areas of the outline corresponding to colors at the bottom of the screen. Kids must choose the correct color to match with the template to complete their art project. Throughout the app there are voice-overs, animation and other unexpected items to keep kids engaged and learning.
best art apps

Price: $4.99
Brushes is a more advanced art app that is perfect for the older creative kids in the house. The hard truth is that often times, our 12 year olds are far better artists than we could ever hope to be, and this app was designed to allow them to sketch anytime, anywhere. With a vast (and I mean vast) array of brushed and tools to choose from, along with layering affects and a full set of color choices, this app can create some pretty awesome works of art – all from your iPhone.

Price: $0.99
Colortoons gives kids who love the basic coloring book format a fun way to explore coloring and drawing on the iPhone. Loaded with bubble-edged cartoon characters like cows, bunnies, dinosaurs and more, options to draw outside the lines also gives kids the ability to draw their own little scenes around an already-adorable template.

Price: $0.99
FaceIt is a fun game for kids of all ages to create their own cartoon face via thiPhone. Armed with a selection of facial features – noses, eyes, mouths and more – users can select various elements to create faces that look like their loved ones, or simply make a wacky new friend. Another great feature is the FaceMatch game within the app, which challenges users to re-create a face against the clock! This one not only lets kids be creative, but gets them thinking, too!

Price: $0.99
Got a kid with an interest in learning to draw – but you can’t even pull off a recognizable stick figure? iLuvDrawingPeople is the app for you. This cool app gives kids 20 templates of adorable monsters that they can learn to draw right on the screen through template tracing. After kids have finished tracing their monster, they can also color him (or her!) in and add stickers to the drawing to personalize their work of art! Finished pieces can be saved and shared – and I wouldn’t be surprised if you started to see what they’re learning in the app transfer over to paper!