5 Super Fun Board Games for iPad

best ipad board gamesCandy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Monopoly, Battle Ship…Just the names bring back memories of laying out on the living room floor with my dad and playing for hours on Sunday afternoons. Board games are an undeniable pastime that provide entertainment for kids and parents alike. However, they’re not always convenient. You can’t play Scrabble in the car, and the dog ate half of the Monopoly money. Luckily, the iPad makes the board game mobile, and with these five super fun board games for iPad, you’ll be playing on-the-go.


Starving Gators
Price: $1.99
Think Hungry Hungry Hippos with an alligator twist. This simple board game is easy enough for your toddler to play, yet strangely addicting so that you won’t mind playing with him for the 3-hour drive to Grandma’s. Up to 4 players can participate at a time, with each player assigned to a gator positioned around the board. Tapping the gator makes him chomp – and your goal is to chomp as many fish a possible before your opponents leave you hungry! Can someone please explain why this game is so much fun?

Scrabble for iPad
Price: $9.99
I know what you’re thinking, “$9.99, are you crazy?!” While ten bucks seems like a lot for an iPad app, this Scrabble board game is basically a full version of the old wooden block and board model, without the bulky box. This classic word game challenges users to build words off of the words of other players using a selection of 7 letters, all worth different points. Not only does Scrabble teach strategy, it’s a great game for vocab and spelling, too! One of the coolest features of this game is the ability to download a free app on separate iPhones or iPod Touch that allow users to use these other devices as their letter tile holders. Double word score!

Ticket to Ride
Price: $6.99
Ticket to Ride, based on the actual board game, can be played on the iPad with up to 5 players. As players collect railway cards, they command various connecting routes and rails to cities within the game. This game has a great teaching interface for new players, as well as features that are easy to understand. With both a North American and European version, players might consider both to help the family beef up on geography and keep the fun going.

Price: Free
Ludo is an old school dice-based board game that is based on moving a player’s pieces around the board to reach an end goal first. The iPad version can be played by up to four human players, or against a computer when no opponents are available. Ideally, the iPad version is designed to be played on a flat table, with some users complaining of a lack of point-of-view perspective where pass and play is involved. However, the concept of the game is simple enough for kids from Kindergarten to their Golden Years to play and enjoy.

Price: $9.99
Carcassone is another expensive game, but it is a fabulous translation of the traditional version with concepts simple enough for children to understand, and adults to enjoy with them. During each players turn, they place a tile on the map – each tile is part of a landscape. As tiles are laid, the goal is to claim existing tiles and match new pieces to them. The app is enabled with the ability for up to 5 players and comes with ongoing updates and additions; making it worth the steep price tag.