Top New Kids Apps

Another great new batch of apps has been submitted to our ikidapps forums by talented developers, and in this post we’ll share a few of our favorites with you! Each day, more new apps are released to the iTunes store, opening the door to learning, fun and excitement for you and your kid. While it may be tough to pick out the best new kids apps, in iTunes, remember to check out the “New Apps” section here at iKidApps for video trailers, info, and links to the best new kids apps. And keep reading for a round-up of some of our top picks below:

Dr. Panda Teach Me
Price: $1.99
Dr. Panda Teach Me is a new iPad game, led by a friendly little Panda with a PhD. Hence, “Dr. Panda.” The game interface is loaded with bright graphics, and kitschy kid music, and follows Dr. Panda through four different landscapes where children are presented with 10 games that work on various skills, such as counting and logic. As a reward system in the app, each completed activity, earns the child a chance to select an animal to add to their “zoo” collection. However, one of the standout features of this app, is the fact that it is completely free of in-app advertisements, purchases, etc. And as a Mama, I like that. Big time!

Price: $1.99
Have  you ever noticed that the kids in story books just seem to be too well behaved? While it’s nice for kids to see examples of good behavior, it’s also refreshing to see stories that model realistic behavior; like when kids get a little grumpy or stubborn. And “KidsLikeThat” delivers great stories with kids who sometimes aren’t the best behaved, but still find solutions to their bad moods or problems. In this collection of interactive storybooks, kids can read with their parents and also participate in activities to practice counting skills and more. This app has great graphics, great morals and engaging activities.

Nature’s Friends
Price: $1.99
This iPad app is a coloring book disguising a really educational app that kids of Kindergarten and early elementary ages should love! Based on the concept of teaching kids about actions that they can take to help protect the environment, 15 coloring pages come with a nature story and really cute graphics. However, beyond the coloring book are 45 “activity sheets” that teach math, matching, counting, colors and more through quite creative activities. For instance, one sheet asks kids to count flowers; while another presents nature-based pictures and requires kids to pick out the matches. This app is well done and lots of fun!

Zumbo’s Early Learning
Price: $4.99
While this iPad app has a little bit of a hefty pricetag for the time being, we also think it may be one of those apps that kids get the $5 worth of use out of. Designed for toddlers and children in preschool/Kindergarten, this app is full of great illustrations that aren’t overwhelming for children to take in. The intriguing graphics walk children through learning letters, sounds, writing letters and colors and more. Each activity comes with a star reward system and a testing setting that lets kids challenge their skills.

3D Block Builder
Price: Free
3D Block Builder for iPad and iPhone gives kids a chance build with virtual wooden blocks in 3-D. Kids can stack and build their own towers, and then (this is the cool part, we think) knock over their towers by driving a toy truck or train into it, causing the creation to tumble over. Which, is every kid’s favorite part of playing blocks, anyways! As an added dimension of learning, the app also features “counting blocks” which help kids learn numbers, as well as tic tac toe and other toys that can be moved around within the app. Little boys and girls alike should have fun with this free app.