Free Online Educational Tools

It’s easy to see that we believe in using technology as a tool for learning. And the people at Khan Academy seem to agree. While books and pencils will always be an important part of learning, utilizing online tools and computers to improve interactive learning activities provides opportunities for children (and adults!) to learn in new ways. Research has proven that different people grasp concepts best through different methods of learning; and the materials available from Khan Academy provide innovative ways to look at learning – all for free!


What is it?
The Khan Academy website provides access to over 3,000 videos and interactive activities on topics ranging from biology and physics to finance and basic K-12 math concepts. All of the videos are only about 10 minutes long, making them less intimidating than a full scale lecture; and more engaging for learners. Additionally, many videos come along with an interactive activity to help students practice a skill and get instant results of their efforts.

How can it be used?
Since all of the videos from the Khan Academy are free. You heard me, FREE, these are tools that can be used by teachers, tutors or parents as they assist children in grasping new concepts. I can even imagine this as a wonderful resource for high school parents trying to help students with homework on a subject that they don’t quite remember. Why not log on, find a video to help you both better understand a topic, and learn together? Likewise, younger students may find the Khan Academy website to be a fun place to get some extra practice in for math subjects.

Whether you’re using a free app, or free educational videos, technology can open up a whole new world of learning. How do you use the internet to learn? Leave a comment and let us know how you use technology to teach!