Best iPhone Apps for Learning Fractions

Let’s face it – fractions can be the least fun part about math.  Even as adults, many people struggle with fractions. How did you multiply them again? What was the process to add different fractions together?  These iPhone apps will give your child the early advantage they need to develop strong fraction skills that will ensure a successful future with fractions. How? By cloaking the oft-feared fraction in the disguise of a fun game!


Motion Math 

Price: $1.99

The best way to describe this fun fraction game is like visually seeing yourself on the number line and being asked to identify fractions.  One of the biggest problems with fractions is that there are so many ways to write them, yet it is difficult to grasp the concept as a whole.  Motion Math takes care of this problem by gradually exposing the player to fractions in different formats, such as percentages and decimal points, and provides tips along the way to help you memorize everything.

Fraction Monkey – Math Game for Kids 

Price: $2.99

If your child is a big fan of Angry Birds, this game will find a comfortable spot in their heart!  Fraction Monkey is basically Angry Birds with a math twist.  You play a monkey that is tasked with shooting cupcakes at fractions.  You are given a math equation, and the cupcake must hit the answer.  There are over 40 levels, including stages that take place in the jungle, the ocean, and outer space.  Overall, this is a great way anyone of any age can work on adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions!

Fraction Math 

Price: $3.99

This fraction app is the most in-depth of them all, and the price is well worth it.  I don’t recommend it for your child until they have a better understanding of fractions, or at the very least have completed third grade, because while Fraction Math includes the same addition, subtraction, division and multiplication of similar apps, it also involves more complex fractions as well as positive or negative fractions.  In the newest update, the app even allows you to enter in your own fractions and create your own problems, so it doubles as a homework helper!