Best iPad Apps for Toddlers

While they’re not quite ready for ABC-tracing or counting aloud, young toddlers still want to play with the iPad, too! At a stage where everything is of interest; from the dog’s nose to the empty cereal box, it’s no wonder that toddlers are fascinated by the lights, sounds and fun of an iPad. Finding the best iPad apps for toddlers will help your tiny tot learn while simultaneously aiding in the development of motor skills as they reach to touch and move objects on the screen.  Keep reading for a list of our top iPad apps for toddlers; and then get to downloading!

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AlphaBaby | Price: $0.99
AlphaBaby is designed to introduce young children to the alphabet with stimulating visuals and sounds. When you touch the screen, letters, shapes and numbers appear. Touching the letters makes them grow or shrink, and swiping symbols sends them swooping off the screen. While it may not seem that intriguing, my one year old loved the changing numbers and quickly figured out that his touch controlled the action. Customization is also a cool feature, which allows parents to upload photos and record their own voice as captions.

Magic Piano by Smule
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Magic Piano by Smule | Price: FREE
If kids love one thing, it’s making noise, and the MagicPiano app from Smule lets them make some pretty cool noise. While the app will display a nifty spiral piano for tots to tap on, it also shows little laser-type lights that encourage kids to touch and play an actual song. My one year olf and I sat and played this one together for quite some time. He was fascinated by my masterful piano skills and loved to try imitating me afterwards. A “game mode” also makes this  a worthwhile download for older kids in the house.

Sound Touch
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Sound Touch | Price: $11.99
Sound Touch is a super comprehensive collection of pictures and corresponding sounds for babies and toddlers. And by comprehensive, I mean that categories include animals, wild animals, instruments, wild birds, vehicle and household items! Each sounds is paired with a crazy cute cartoon drawing or high quality life-like photo of the item. And the sounds are true-to-life, high quality recordings. There’s lots for little fingers to touch in this app and it can provider hours of entertainment.

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This toddler app is intriguing based on its similarity to many special needs apps developed to help non-verbal children communicate. Advertised to be assistive for children 6 months to 3 years, the app provides simple symbols for essential words  like “Yes,” “No,” “More,” “Play,” and so on. Through interaction and use with parents, the idea is that toddlers will eventually be able to communicate some of their needs by using symbols within the app. This app reminded me of the concept of baby sign language, and I’ve already downloaded it to see if we have any success in our house!

Peekaboo Barn
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Peekaboo Barn | Price: $1.99

Filled with graphics that resemble children’s book illustrations, Peekaboo Barn allows toddlers to explore a barnyard without ever leaving home. Behind barn doors, animals are waiting to be discovered. Children can guess the animal by their sound, and then “open” doors to see what animal is hiding inside. The names of animals come pre-recorded in multiple languages, or parents can choose to record their own voice (or even that of their child!) This is an incredibly cute app, especially for kids who like anything farm-themed.