Best iPad Apps for Preschoolers

While at first it may sound odd, toddlers and the iPad are a perfect match. As children transition from babies to toddlers, they crave information and stimulation. Toddlers have minds like a sponge, making it easy for parents to use the best iPad apps for toddlers to turn play time, into learning time. Packed with visual and audio stimulation, iPad apps for toddlers can help refine motor skills, hone critical thinking abilities and delight children all at once!

Price: $1.99
Designed to help children fine tune their reasoning and logic skills, Logic is the perfect game for toddlers in pre-school. With an interface that replicates old school wooden games, children are presented with tiles featuring numbers, shapes, colors and more, and asked to slide the tile to sit atop its appropriate match. The game itself has five main focus areas: numbers, colors, shapes, figures and pictures, however the benefits extend on to children learning reasoning without even knowing it. This game goes beyond the typical “matching” app and acts as a brain teaser, of sorts, for tots!


Fish School
Price: $1.99
App developer Duck Duck Moose is well known for producing high quality children’s apps, and Fish School is just another awesome app in their line up. As the name would suggest, a school of fish are used to illustrate letters, numbers, shapes and colors in a series of interactive activities. While this app is a fun tool to help teach ABC’s and counting, it’s best feature, perhaps, is really fun graphics that focus on brightly colored fish who magically transform into shapes, letters and numbers!

Moo, Baa, La,La,La
Price: $3.99
This app brings a very popular board book, Moo, Baa La,La,La to life. With an interface that looks like an actual board book, there are a series of interactive activities, like hearing animal sounds, turning day to night and more. Like most interactive storybooks on today’s app market, the book features a “read to me” and “independent read” feature that allows children of varying reading abilities to play, or gives parents the chance to read the app just like a book. Moo, Baa, La,La,La is simple enough for children to work on their own and features highly engaging graphics and sound.

Color & Draw
Price: 1.99
Toddlers love to color. They always have, and always will. Color & Draw HD takes the concept of a coloring app to the next level, by acting much like a traditional coloring book, but with all the perks of an iPad. Just like with a crayon, the color will go where the child’s finger does, allowing tots to fine tune their motor skills while coloring. Additionally, the app provides more than 50 coloring sheets featuring outlines of animals, letters, numbers and you can even import your own pictures to color over! This is definitely one of the best coloring apps I’ve found.

Game Factory HD
Price: $0.99
This cool app helps parents teach kids patterns, matching and memorization with the help of their own photos. By loading family photos into the app, toddlers can learn to match by pairing grandma & grandpa up together, or matching the dogs. By incorporating everyday people and items that tots are familiar with, concepts become more engaging and just more fun! Available in 6 different languages, this is  a great choice for multi-lingual families, or to help toddlers learn a few words in a new language.