iPhone case and app turns your iPhone into a smart toy!

The realm of accessories geared towards kids and iPhone is ever-expanding. First, there were plush cases, then Buzz Lightyear docking stations, and now, there’s Ubooly. This plush, interactive toy uses the iPhone as it’s “brain,” and transforms into what one source described as todays Teddy Ruxpin. Minus the cassette tape holder in its back and that strange vest ol’ Teddy wore, of course.

Designed by a husband and wife team, the Ubooly toy is intended to combine the intuitive capabilities of the iPhone and educational apps, and pair them with a kid-friendly plush toy to create an interactive buddy for kids of all ages. The toy itself reminds me of a Furby (remember those strange little guys?) but cuter, and far more capable. To bring the Ubooly to life, it seems that parents simply download the app from iTunes and select which content they want children to focus on. Topics include math, Spanish and more. Next, the iPhone is inserted inside of the Ubooly with the app running.

Voice recognition within the app helps Ubooly respond to kids and work with them to teach different concepts. Essentially, the magic of Ubooly is in the app, is seems, while the plush itself is simply an innovative new vehicle to deliver the content of the app.

Neither Ubooly or his app is currently available, but the pair are expected to release in specialty stores in October 2012 with a pricetag of about $50 bucks. In the meantime, you can pre-order from the Ubooly website  and get it to your door in July. Is this a toy you’ll be looking to have under the tree this Christmas? Let us know!