Cool New iPhone Projector

The number and kind of accessories available for the iPhone continue to expand at a pretty incredible rate. While some are meant simply to bling out your iPhone or protect it from a drop, the Brookstone DLP Projector sleeve turns your iPhone 4 into a portable projector – meaning you can show movies, videos, or those pictures you’ve been taking of the kids in big-screen fashion.

The pico projector is contained in a sleeve, that looks much like an iPhone case, and slips right over the iPhone 4 to plug into the phone’s port. After connecting to the iPhone, the device claims to project images with 15 lumens to create up to a 50-inch square image. Ideally, for the iPhone projector to work best, you’ll likely need to be working in a very dark room.

To show the grandparents some recent video of the kids, or let the kids create and show their own iPhone movie to the family – this could be a fun buy. And, parents can commandeer it for presentations at work, too. The iPhone 4 DLS projector is available now from Brookstone for about $230, and will help extend battery life in a pinch, too.

Is this the kind of iPhone accessory that would get use in your family? Leave a comment and let us know what you think of products like this!

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