Cool iOS App Signs

app signsThe world of products related to apps is ever-expanding. Heck, just last week I bought a box of Angry Birds fruit snacks. For people seeking a slightly more professional way to promote an app than fruit gummies, there is now the option to have an app icon professional printed and ready for display. has come up with the idea of creating app artwork, so to speak, making what we think is a pretty awesome tool for marketing, or just awesome office décor for developers. Printed on a reverse acrylic material, the finished product is essentially a large-scale replica of an app icon that can be displayed on office walls, in retail shops or anywhere else your developer friends find space.
According to website, the signs are available in 11, 17, 23 or 35 inch squares and range in cost between $123 and $467. To order, simply visit the website, upload your art and choose your size. We think this is an innovative way to show off your accomplishments and foster a sense of staff pride amongst developers. Not to mention, it’s way easier than pulling out your phone every time someone asks what apps you’ve worked on!
app icon signs