Best Elmo Apps

There’s no denying that everybody’s favorite little red furry monster is Elmo! Sesame Street has been a staple in the lives of children for generations, and no monster has helped more kids learn the importance of sharing, friendship and education.  Thus, it seems only right that Elmo be given center stage in a few of the best Sesame Street apps.  When you need a little cheer from a furry friend, check out these awesome Elmo apps for iPhone!


Elmo Calls

Price: $0.99

Have you ever given your child a toy phone, only to watch them casually put it up to their ear and have an imaginary conversation?  With Elmo Calls, the conversations don’t have to be imaginary anymore!  Young children will be able to give Elmo a ring and hear him talking, singing, and laughing, and Elmo can call your child as well!  He loves leaving random voicemails that kids can listen to at their leisure.  There is also an option to have a Skype-style video chat.  Parents, you’ll love the fact that you can set it up to make calls automatically during specific times.  This will allow your kids to be distracted while you are in waiting rooms!


Elmo’s Birthday

Price: $1.99

This app is an interactive storybook that is beautifully illustrated.  Lush, colorful visuals will put a gleam in your child’s eye, and there are many mini-games that will keep children happy for a long time to come.  My favorite feature is the personal audio books, which allow you to record yourself reading the story, and then watch the story unfold while listening to yourself reading it aloud.